Fakhreddine’s One Hitter Quitter Vs Agha’s Master Mind


Fakhreddine was riding a four-fight winning streak under Team Shogun, but then jumped ship to Tiger Muay Thai Gym and will have his first fight since. I understand that Fakhreddine was uncomfortable training with Team Shogun, his performance against Thabet Agha may hold the answers to a lot of questions.

My issue with Fakhreddine is that he lacks ground game, having faced two fighters with grappling background under the Desert Force banner, it was obvious that his game has flaws. Knocking out Tarek Suleiman is surely something to brag about but is that enough ?
He’s got good hands, the product of an early career as a boxer, but his overall game is lacking.

That’s a problem against a dynamic fighter like Agha. Outside of that, he’s been stellar inside the cage.
Agha’s win over George Eid looked more impressive than ever when you consider that “Bulldozer” had outstriked all his opponents on the TV show.

He can strike, he can wrestle and he can grapple.

He might not be giant middleweight, Yet I don’t think he will have trouble on the feet unless Fakhreddine’s slight reach advantage keeps him at Bay. When all else fails, he can rely on his wrestling, something that has been fine-tuned in the same gym where the catch wrestling wizard Ushrugh Shishani works.

Unless Fakhreddine lands a one-hitter quitter, something he’s known for doing, he’s going down on points.

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