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Senior graduation day for Desert Force welterweight champion Anis Hajajy! After 7 years as a BJJ practitioner, the brown belt has finally earned his black belt under Brazilian Top Team’s Joao Amaral, Daniel Gazoni and the legendary Murilo Bustamante (Former fighter in UFC and Pride and Pancrase) . After competing in BJJ tournaments (Gi – No Gi) as a brown belt for over a year and a half , BTT’s head instructors found it the right time to promote our Champion as he gets ready to defend his Desert Force title this August.

The always humble Hajajy says:

“Although I earned a black belt, I still really feel much like a white belt”.

This shows that Hajajy is always hungry and anxious to learn new things to improve his Overall BJJ game along with improving his MMA. The champion also stated that it’s an honor to represent the Arab nations in BJJ tournaments, especially now, as a black belt, to show the advanced grappling skills of Arab Born fighters. Surely, it’s an honor for us to have such a classy champion.

The Moroccan Hajjajy is the champion of a very tough, perhaps the toughest division in Desert Force at 77 KG and has to defend his title against a focused Mohamed Ghorabi from Lebanon who currently has only one objective in mind.. Dethrone the champion. Surely though, Hajjajy is now much more confident in his ground game after his earning and will try to portray his black belt skills in the match up with Ghorabi to defend his title.

Congratulations from all the staff at ArabsMMA!! Brace youself world,more Arab black belts on the way! OSS

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