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Desert Force Finals Predictions, Preview, and Analysis – Mhamad Karaki VS Feras Saadah

The story of this fight is how well Saadeh can fare in the stand-up.

The story of this fight is how well Feras Saadah can fare in the stand-up. I’m not sure he can get Karaki to the ground without permission , yet he will have a noticeable edge in the striking department.

Mhammad Karaki and Feras Saadah both clocked up (2-0) records in their DesertForce FC career. Karaki finished both his fights after being pounded hard by both his opponents , proving that it’s not over until the ref. says its over. Recently earning his Purple belt under Black Belt Hicham Hakam, Karaki will surely control the fight if he managed to take it to the ground ,But what if he couldn’t? Karaki’s standup has moved up a notch or 2 while training at Shogun Gym , but with that being said its not comparable to the skills that Feras Saadah packs in his bag.

Saadah is a an ALL-Arab Muay Thai champion who needs a warrant to walk around with these fists !
He finished Amir Esmail in a ferocious fashion in Round 3, you could see on Feras’s face that he just wishes that headbutts were legal, HAHA .

Karaki vs. Saadah would be awesome! Not only is Karaki a genuinely likeable and funny guy, he also delivers some awesome Jiu Jitsu skills and wouldn’t have the same amount of difficulty as Ismail did when rolling with Saadah. Whilst Saadah has a 2-0 record, he has yet to really win over the fans but that could change with a victory against Karaki.

As this fight comes around, I see Feras moving in and out with quick combinations, but Karaki will look to nullify that momentum by switching levels as Saadah comes in and putting him on the ground.
If Karaki manages to dictate the pace and take the fight to the ground, it’s just a matter of time before Karaki submits him. If the fight stays standing, Mhamad better keep his hands up!

Khawarizmi’s Pick : Karaki wins Via triangle choke R1

Stacey’s Pick : Karaki wins Via Armbar R1

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