Egypt vs. China, Odd match up: Kunlun MMA 12

amr algohary

Kunlun MMA 12, coming up, has a young Egyptian fighter with minimal professional fighting experience against a heavy record Chinese titan for the Lightweight Title. Kunlun Fight promotion in China is known for its eye-catching kickboxing bouts. It began its Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cage events in 2015.

Amr Elgohary from Cairo, Egypt, with a record of 2-1-0 lives and trains in Thailand from the age of 17 year. Now 21 years, even as he moves down to lightweight, he considers himself confidently ready to take on anyone and get his special skill set out into the open after only one year in the professional world of MMA.

” I have been living in Thailand since i was 17 years old now I am 21 and I trained at Tiget Muay Thai before and currently fighting out of Bangkok Fight Lab and Phuket Top Team “

Haotian Wu, from Inner Mongolia, China, has been fighting around China professionally since 2007. This 70 kgs Lightweight combatant holds a record of 22-11-2. He is well known for his submission power with a high percentage of wins taken by rear naked choke. This master of back taking from Black Tiger Fight Club is matched with the equivalent of one he may train, but never the less, Elgohary does not fret.

” I know that he has more experience than me and i am fighting on his land, but it doesn’t matter. I am totally confident and i will be giving 100% every round to finish him ” – Elgohary

The record of another opponent doesn’t necessarily define the outcome of a fight, or fairness of match up. The hunger and athletic ability of a fresh up and comer is nothing to underestimate, nor the experience of an older fighter. Self confidence along with talent and hard training is the mix that creates sturdy fighters, could this be a fight to go in history as the underdog takes the spot light?

” I will get to shock everyone and them what i am coming for. i took this fight to showcase my skills and show what i am capable of. I’m not here to prove that i am the best Egyptian fighter fighting internationally. I’m looking to compete against everyone and anywhere to prove that I am something different.” – Elgohary

Check out the latest KUNLUN MMA event in the video below.

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