Exciting News On Hashem Arkhagha…Light Heavyweight ??!


Hashem Arkhaga is another fighter we just can’t stop mentioning here, on ArabsMMA! After defeating Ibrahim El sawi in Desert Force Round 2 in December 2012 to earn the first ever Desert Force middleweight title, Arkhagha never had the chance to recover and defend his title. Since then, we’ve seen him coaching at Desert Force Training Center and cornering the featherweight Champ El Selwady along with other Desert Force fighters. But when will he return to the Desert Force Cage and unite the title against Fakhreddine?? Probably not anytime soon!!

The fight was set to happen soon, but as mentioned earlier this week, Mohamed Fakhreddine will be dropping weight and guess what? Rumor has it that Arkhagha will be back stronger and yes … Bigger!

Most of you who have been around the Champ realized that he had gained some weight, but looks in decent-competitive shape. Gossip in the Arab MMA community has emerged that Arkhaga might drop his Middleweight title in order to go up to light heavyweight and earn a direct title shot against Mohammad Karaki the current light heavyweight champion, since no eligible challengers have been available yet. This fight makes alot of sense in my opinion but little if Arkhagha will return this year or in 2015. It is also worth mentioning that Hashem Arkhaga has fully recovered from his eyelobe injury.

Little is known about the date or event that he will appear and make his comeback but for now enjoy this news and spread the word! Cavaca is coming back and hungrier than ever!

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