Mohammad Fakhreddine VS Thiago Vieira Set To Headline Brave 1

The main event for Brave Combat Federation’s premier event (Brave 1) is set to be a classic encounter between two new-school brawlers, Mohammad Fakhreddine (8-1) and Thiago Viera (8-0). Two welterweight fighters with very similar intentions will stand and trade in a super-exciting event headliner on September 23 at Khalifa Sports City.

The most stacked division in the Mixed Martial Arts world rarely tends to disappoint, and with each of these strikers having their own weapons, it’s just a matter of time before the referee steps in.

Fakhreddine’s Strengths: Lebanon’s Fakhreddine will very much be the “home-town” favorite as he’s certainly the biggest MMA star in the middle-east right now. He is a powerful welterweight with an amateur boxing background, and he likes to apply the pressure, stalk his opponent around the ring and draw them into a dogfight, which is when he’s in his element. He has fundamentally excellent stand-up skills combining his pressure with good footwork, head-movement and then there’s his punching. He has very dangerous hands, and when he explodes, his opponents tend to drop to the ground quickly. He also has some sneaky head kicks which are concussive, fight ending connections when they land. When he gets his opponent against the cage he will unleash hell with beautiful combinations to the body and head. “The Latest” has shown, thus far, solid takedown defense, and if he ends up on top of you, his ground and pound is brutal and accurate. This man is a big hitter and you don’t want those hands anywhere near you.

Fakhreddine’s Weaknesses: If there is an Achilles heel in Fakhreddine’s game, it is his ground game and he has been submitted once in his only defeat, by Jarrah Al Selawi, a defeat which he avenged earlier this year.

Vieira’s Strengths: What makes this such a good match-up is that Fakhreddine will be fighting a man after his own heart, and most likely the toughest fight of his career. “The Latest’s” opponent Thiago “Monstro” Vieira is a an undefeated tall, imposing Brazilian welterweight champion at 6,2 feet and his record is equally as imposing, with 8 fights and 8 finishes. Vieira has been destroying the local circuit in Brazil earning the “Aspera FC ” title on his way. Although he has fought some very over-matched opponents, there is no doubt that this 25-year-old from São Paulo has something special. His main weapon is his vicious leg and liver kicks which he uses to set up his attacks. He, much like “The Latest” like to press the action and pursue his opponent, always searching for the finish. He is a big man with big power, which should make this battle all the more fascinating.

Vieira’s Weaknesses: Such has been his dominance in the cage, with all but one of his victories first round finishes, we have not seen any notable weaknesses. He has been taken down several times, which would be a source of interest to Fakhreddine if he was a wrestler, but he is not. So the biggest vulnerability will be his lack of serious competition, as he’s never been dragged into a war, or even into a 3rd round.

CONCLUSION: This match-up is mouth-watering and it’s going to be an exciting main event to kick off the Brave series. It’s very hard to say how good Thiago Vieira really is, as he has never been in the trenches and you can be sure the Mohammad Fakhreddine will take him there – the Lebanese fighter is certainly more battle-hardened. Standing up this fight will be enthralling to watch. If there are any take-downs we will be surprised, but the Brazilian may have an advantage with his Jiu Jitsu experience. Prepare for a war between two fighters looking to make a name for themselves worldwide.

Brave Combat Federation will take place in Al Khalifa Sports City, Isa Town Bahrain on September 23. A one of a kind fight card is building up, nothing short from the main event caliber.

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