Buakaw Banchamek; A Legend is Coming to Lebanon


He is a living legend in the fight world. He is one of the toughest men on the planet today – stopped only once in 262 sanctioned fights. Of those fights he has won 227, accumulating over 20 titles along the way across four different weight classes. This man has achieved an almost god-like status on the sport of Muay Thai and Kick Boxing, and now he is ready to make the transition and bring his skills to the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

His name is Buakaw Banchamek and he will headline the inaugural card of the new Arab promotion, Phoenix Fight Championship as negotiations took place in Thailand between the founder of Phoenix and CEO, Chahe Yerevanian and the world-renowned Muay Thai superstar, Buakaw.

This is an incredible draw for the fight promotion’s first event, as the 34-year-old reigns at the pinnacle of his sport. His popularity in Thailand is astronomical and he is a household name worldwide, both for his Muay Thai brilliance and the sheer volume of fights he’s won against international competition. He is a machine, and he is a winner.

Despite being recently spotted training for a rumored switch to MMA, the Phoenix 1 headliner will be held under Buakaw’s native and all time favorite Muay Thai rules.

Yerevanian promised when he announced the birth of Phoenix Fight Championship to the world, that he would be promoting both Muay Thai and MMA fights. This leaves us all thrilled to hear the announcement of Buakaw’s opponent, the rest of the bouts on the Phoenix inaugural card, that is not to mention what cream of MMA fighters Phoenix will possibly bring!

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