First Lebanese Amateur MMA Championship Takes Place Under IMMAF Banner

On Saturday May 3rd, the first Lebanese Amateur MMA Championship under the IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) banner took place at Versus, Tabarja, Lebanon.

A new and vibrant hub for Mixed Martial Arts is starting to develop in the Middle East. With athletes and organizations emerging at a fast rate, this part of the globe is quickly becoming a key area in the world of MMA. The IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) was part of this development as the first Lebanese Amateur MMA Championship was held under the IMMAF banner.

The event which took place on Saturday May 3rd at Versus, Tabarja, Lebanon was refereed and supervised by international IMMAF referee Ludovic Dandine, and was organized by the LMMA (Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts) committee under the patronage of Mr. Khalil Nassour & Sons. The LMMA committee coordinated with IMMAF Ambassador in Lebanon Mr. Wissam Abi Nader to make this event successful and to ensure that it meets the IMMAF standards at all aspects.

The 8 clubs that participated in the championship are: Tristar Gym/ Coach Wissam Abi Nader, MMA Academy/ Master Georges Makhoul, Pythonz MMA, Aytat Sporting Gym, Knockout, Triumff MMA Team, Gladiators Academy, and Black Cobra Team.


Below are the results from each division:

  • 61.2kg – Elias Boustany (Tristar) Vs Tony Daoud (Pythonz), Tony Daoud WON BY TKO, 2nd ROUND
  • 65.8 kg – Edison Haddad (Tristar) Vs Shady Al Ahmadieh (Pythonz), Edison Haddad Won by TKO, 2nd ROUND
  • 65.8 kg – Alaa Mhamad (MMA Academy) Vs Hani Abi Saab (Aytat Sporting), Alaa Mhamad Won By KO, 1st ROUND
  • 70 Kg – Joeshwa Mortada (Tristar) Vs Mohamad Arnous (Knockout), Joeshwa Mortada Won By TKO, 2nd ROUND
  • 77 Kg – Richard Saliba (Tristar) Vs Ibrahim Kanj (Triumff), Richard Saliba WON by TKO, 2nd ROUND (Doctor Stoppage) Shoulder Injury
  • 93 Kg – Etienne mahfouz (Tristar) Vs Ricardo Bachir (Gladiators Academy), Ricardo Bachir Won By KO, 1st ROUND
  • 93 Kg – Fahed Dandach (Knockout) Vs Jad Hazim (Pythonz), Fahed Dandach Won by TKO , 2nd ROUND
  • Heavywegiht Mohamad Yakzan (Tristar) Vs Rami Slaman (Aytat Sporting), Mohamad Yakzan Won 1st ROUND,(Disqualification) 2 illegal poke + 2 intentionaly Throwing Mouthpiece
  • 65.8 kg – Edison Haddad (Tristar) Vs Alaa Mhamad (MMA Academy), Edison Haddad Won by TKO , 2nd ROUND
  • 77 Kg – Richard Saliba (Tristar) Vs Alain Salameh (Black Cobra), Richard Saliba Won Unanimous decision
  • 93 Kg – Ricardo Bachir (Gladiators Academy) Vs Fahed Dandach (Knockout), Ricardo Bachir Won By TKO, 2nd ROUND
  • 84 Kg – Imad hoayek (Tristar) Vs Arnaud Castanier (Triumff), Imad Hoayek Won by Unanimous decision

By the end of the competition, one athlete from every division was selected. The selected fighters will receive training and support to get ready for the World Championship happening from June 30 Till July 6th. Based on improvement, dedication and skills, a champion in each weight class will be named in April to represent at the World Championships. Lebanon will surely prove to be a strong contender at the World Championships in Las Vegas this year!

Special thanks to Mr. Khalil Nassour & Sons, Vice President Mr. Hasan Jezzine, Dr. Ali Hemadeh, Mr. Rida Mosalmani, Mr. Kassem el Nounou, Mr. Daniel Hilal, ArabsMMA founder Mr. Zahi Ephrem, Mr. Michael Amer, and to the teams and coaches who contributed in the success of this event.

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