Georges Eid Upsets Ahmad Saeb And Earns Decision Win

Lebanon surely has one of the best fighters in Desert Force so far!

Photo by Akl Yazbeck, Sports Code

Abu Dhabi – Georges Eid Vs Ahmad Saeb had “War” written all over it, yet one of these men had a different plan and turned this into a three rounds of one sided beating.

Eid was coming out of a loss against Mohammad Fakhreddine and was looking to erase this memory from existance. The Iraqi on the other hand was the last of the Samurai’s who came into this fight with an impressive unanimous win against Jordan’s Saif Quandour.

This welterweight bout was the first fight of Desert Force 15 Main Card which took place FGB Arena in Abu Dhabi. This fight aired live on MBC Action.

Tristar Gym Lebanon was in Abu Dhabi on a mission, and Eid was the fighting machine they sent. An outstanding Eid won every single round in that fight, leaving the cage with barely any scratch from this battle. IT WAS ALL EID, as many people described it after the fight. From the opening seconds of the first round, Eid managed to rock Saeb with a left hook which seems to have changed the whole story. Eid showcased some refined boxing skills, the kind he rarely used before, the kind that hurts!!! They left Saeb standing around, but doing little of work in all three rounds. Unanimous decision win, the judges easily scored this fight.

Lebanon surely has one of the best fighters in Desert Force so far!

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  • But again Eid… even with a fighter who did not do anything vs him, nothing, he stand there and wait and Eid cannt finish.. again!

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