Heavyweight Yousef Abu Shreekh Teaches Abdulrahman A Lesson


Abu Dhabi – Yousef Abou Shreekh and Abdulrahman Tyson met in the only heavyweight match up that took place at Desert Force 15.

Abou Shreekh was the most feared heavyweight martial artist to fight out of Jordan. Known for his powerful hooks, he definitely showed Abdulrahman “Tyson“ a sample of these Jordanian made power bombs. Not so “Tyson” that night!

This heavyweight bout was part of the preliminary card at Desert Force 15 which took place FGB Arena in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Shreekh who was favorite in this fight did not fail to deliver as he finished the fight in a heavyweight brawling fashion. This big man might not have struck you as the most athletic of all, yet Yousef showcased some heavy high kicks which rocked the Kuwaiti as he continue his onslaught, raining punch after punch until the referee stepped in to protect Abdulrahman.

A very ferocious Abou Shreekh is the latest addition to the thin yet hefty heavyweight division, yet he might have a a couple of kilograms to shred if he wants to compete and lead the way to the Desert Force heavyweight title.

This heavyweight division is building up slowly but surely as new talents, Bigger and stronger, show up to the Desert Force cage and annihilate the weaker breed for spot!

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  • Congratulation captin Yousef 🙂
    All Jordanians proud of you and Jarrah …
    You raised our heads very high 😀

  • Mashallah Yousef the Jordanian Bulldozer is Amazing Fighter !!! You made us proud !

    it was really good Fight !

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