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GFC 6: May 30 Will Witness a Historical Trilogy Between JJ Ambrose Vs Ahmed Ibrahim

This tale goes back to GFC 2 when this rivalry started!


Gladiators Fighting Championship is back with its 6th installment on the 30th of May with a main event that will witness a historical trilogy between Ahmed Ibrahim and JJ Ambrose.

This tale goes back to GFC 1 in Sept 2012, when Ahmed Ibrahim faced Ray Elbe the American MMA and Jiujitsu black belt and managed to out strike him and shut his ground game in what was the beginning of a long chain of events under the Gladiators Fighting Championship Banner!

Ibrahim “The Meteor” earned the promotion’s belt and went on to face his first challenger JJ Ambrose at GFC 2 back in February 2013. JJ is a ground specialist with impressive wrestling techniques, yet another world class MMA fighter out of Phuket top team.

This time things were different as Ahmed was not the underdog anymore, at least for the local crowd who were impressed by his first performance. Ahmed managed to shield his title as the referee halted the fight in what was a technical decision after Ambrose was injured. JJ requested a rematch asserting that he was injured prior to the fight, and GFC authorities granted him that.

Then, GFC 3 took place in May 2013 and witnessed Ahmed’s first loss, crowning JJ as the new champion. JJ managed to submit Ahmed in the first round with a guillotine choke and went home with the belt as promised.

It was then declared that a third and final match up for the two will happen, and now the time has come, nearly one year after the last fight.

GFC 6 on May 30th will feature the Trilogy between these two! Ahmed “The Meteor” joined the Lebanese “Yaz Team”, under Yazid Bou Khalil and Black-belt Wander Braga to get ready for the most important fight in his career.

In the striking department, Ahmed is a Kung Fu World champion with lethal skills, yet his ground game is his weakness. He will enter this fight as a challenger and look to regain his title before the Kuwaiti crowd.

To do so he will need to surpass the BJJ brown Belt and MMA Vet for one last time. Will JJ Ambrosse let go of the belt easily or will he defend it and disappoint the local crowd again?!

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