Housam Qashou VS Islam Tolba, Another Exciting Fight On GFC 6 Main Card

Housam Qashou VS Islam Tolba has trash talk written all over it!


Housam Qashou competed in GFC 1 after being out of the fighting game for almost 4 years. His first appearance was unsuccessful, yet he managed to grab a win in his second fight at GFC 3. This time he claims he is at his best after refining his skills with the help of the famous Ismael Radwan, and he looks to show everyone the real version of Qashou the fighter!

My Goal was to fight one of the Russians in the promotion, not Islam. Tolba is an average fighter, and my stand up and grappling game is better than his. I will keep the fight on standup and if the game plan goes well, I will knock him out in the first round. Be Ready Islam! There will be no mercy in the cage.

Housam is a Taekwondo Champ, holds a 3rd degree blackbelt in kick boxing and trains with Jordan’s national team. His team considers this fight as a step forward towards the title, and they expect him to end this fight before the second round. Anything else will be considered a loss.


Islam Tolba has become a well-known name in the Arab grappling world after representing Egypt in the Olympics in 2012. He then competed in GFC 4 and attained his first promotional win earning him the belt.

Islam stated that he will fight anyone in his weight class as he has been training with the best and refined his Striking skills along with his MMA game.

Islam stated:

I am an Olympic wrestler, African champion and multiple champion! I faced fighters like Hussam and a 1000 times better, so this is a piece of cake. Housam mentioned that I am an average fighter, let’s wait and see after the fight who is the ‘less than average’. I will fight this guy on the ground, stand up or even in the clouds. I will not talk much now, but i will show him who is king in the fight.

A lot of Trash talk is building before this fight as each of the two fighters tends to look down on the other. Even the coaches are taking part in this as Islam’s coach mentioned that Housam’s talk is only for media. In reality he is just another traditional kick boxer with not much to prove.

An intense striker Vs grappler match up that will keep the Kuwaiti crowd on their feet on the 30th of May. What do you guys expect from this? Will the Grappler Reign Victorious or will Qashou backup what he said?!

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  • all the best Qasho3 .. focus on cage game, takedown defenses, mounten scapes. stay aggressive and try to keep distance.

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