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Ghorabi Batters Majri, Mentions Title Shot Immediately

Mohamad Ghorabi couldn’t have scripted this fight any better.

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Amman, Jordan – Mohamad Ghorabi couldn’t have scripted this fight any better. After stinging Majri with strikes in the first round, Ghorabi backed his man up against the fence in the second frame and launched a barrage of punches that floored Majri, bringing a stop to the bout in the 2.23 minutes of Round 2.

This Co-Main event was aired live on MBC action along with 3 more fights that night.

The Killer from Team Shogun, Mohamad Ghorabi, winner of Al Academiya welterweight title showed off his usual aggressive striking game in the opening round, hurling himself in at Majri, and with big effect as usual. Majri managed to counter yet not for long, as Ghorabi was hurting him with punches and kicks near the end of the round and sending him to the corner with blood tricking down his forehead. Complete shut down!

In the second round, Majri looked out of it! Ghorabi on the other hand could go for another 10 rounds without breaking a sweat! The killer smelled the blood and went in for the kill as he landed a hand full of punches to a grounded Majri leaving the referee no choice but to stop this before someone gets really hurt.

“Bechir Majri mentioned before the fight that he is getting ready for this fight with international trainers! With all due respect, I showed him that the Arabs are up to the level and ready to fight anyone from anywhere! We will become the best in this sport very soon!“

As Ghorabi the killer finishes his post fight interview, he reminds everyone that he is more than ready to face Hajjajy for the title and he will get back to training as soon as he lands in his home town Saida.

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