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Ghorabi: “Shogun Is One of The Best Gyms In The World”

Mohamad “The Killer” Ghorabi, the welterweight Desert Force Al Academia season 1


Mohamad “The Killer” Ghorabi, the welterweight Desert Force number 1 contender, is back from Thailand after a very effective training camp prior to his Desert Force welterweight (77 KG) fight against the champion Anis Alhajjajy. Ghorabi traveled to Thailand with Shogun Gym head coach, Master Sami Kiblawi and team mate Mohammad Karaki who will also be defending his title also in Desert Force. He made it clear that the reason for this visit was purely to engage with different training partners.

This visit had its benefits on all levels as Shogun Gym and Tiger Muay Thai Thailand managed to form a cooperative affiliation that will bring both gyms into a well collaborated relationship for the greater good.


“The reason for my trip to Thailand was purely to engage with different sparring partners from outside Lebanon. This training camp was surely a rough one, with coaches like Roger Huerta and Fernando MaccacHero, along with fighters from the best mixed martial arts promotions in the world mentioned Ghorabi.

Training was very similar to the way we train in Lebanon, the only difference is the training partners who come from different backgrounds and share their knowledge all together.”

Ghorabi, known for his aggressive striking style and great physical power, will be facing a world class grappler, Anis Al Hajjajy, who has an impressive resume when it comes to Brazilian Jiujitsu and grappling. A Black belt under Brazilian Top Team, who regularly competes in grappling tournaments, the champ is surely a power house when it comes down to it. Still, however, Ghorabi is looking at things from his own angle.


“I was training and refining all aspects of my game in Thailand, nothing in particular. My fight this time is against a grappler, but my training is not only for this fight. It is for all the fights after this also.”

At this time, there is little talk from the challenger with now almost 20 days to the fight. The last message Ghorabi sent to the Anis, before going almost silent, was: “I will make you wish you never started MMA”.

Now, here is what Ghorabi has to say:


“My message for now is may the best man win. And, once I am in the cage, I will send my second message. Everyone one will hear it.”

Little was said concerning the drug tests from Ghorabi’s side which has been an ongoing issue for a while now. The challenger confirmed that he is more than ready for his test and requested for Anis to be tested in also in return.


“Desert Force promised to test us both before this title fight. I want him to be tested also.”

Days before Ghorabi landed in Lebanon, another important affiliation was announced between Shogun Gym and Team Mirza of Jordan where one of the best BJJ schools in the Arab region joins forces with arguably the best Muay Thai team in the Arab world.


“I came back to Lebanon to be surprised with this good news. Master Sami always takes the best decisions that will move the Shogun Family forward. A BJJ program under the famous Team Mirza of Jordan will surely shift our level, again for one reason more than others, the availability of more people to roll with from one of the best BJJ schools in the Arab region.”

This fight has been building up for a long time and it is finally almost under way. Truly, “May the best man win” in Desert Force 14, KSA. Until then, stay tuned for the latest updates between these two giants.

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  • good luck la ghorabi .. but he used to say no need to travel outside to train !! leeh ghaiart ra2iak ??!

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