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If Arkhagha Is Out, Who’s the No. 1 Desert Force Middleweight Contender?

Call me a devoted, diehard fan, but I would like to see a Fakhreddine (3-0) Vs Abdullah Abou Hamdan (9-3) ASAP


Arabs MMA staff takes a look at how things could shape out in the Desert Force’s middleweight division following Mohammad Fakhreddine‘s Interim title fight. Specifically, we address who should be the No. 1 contender if Hashem Arkhagha’s injury keeps him away fro the cage for a longer period.

Call me a devoted, diehard fan, but I would like to see a Fakhreddine (3-0) Vs Abdullah Abou Hamdan (9-3) ASAP!

If the current Champ Hashem Arkhagha (4-0) fails to show up another time, Abu Hamdan is the #1 contender at this point – I don’t honestly see how you could argue otherwise. Agha, Suleiman, both have very recent losses. The only person without a recent loss near the top is Abdel Medjedoub (3-0), but he has not yet put together the kind of resume to make him #1.

What was Desert Force thinking of! A fighter with Abou Hamdan’s skills and resume could fight for the title just by showing up in the cage. Middleweight is already thin , and a talented fighter should not be put aside for such a long period of time , especially with back to back wins!

So here’s how the story might go. Given the fact that Fakhreddine and Arkhagha should be fighting to unify the belt, it seems like a far fetch for Abdullah to get a title fight in the next couple of months. Yet if Arkhagha announces that he is not ready to defend his title soon, Desert Force officials will either crown fakheddine as the Middleweight champ or set a title fight pitting Fakhreddine And Abou Hamdan.

Desert Force officials announced yesterday that Desert Force 13 will be taking part in Lebanon , Beirut so take a second and think about what kind of Noise a main event fight between those two brawlers along with a list of other exciting fighters can do!

Now snap out of it and get back to reality! It is unknown what Abu Hamdan’s status with Desert Force is but i personally wold love to see this fight happen very soon.

So here’s a shout out to Youssef Nassar , Match maker at Desert Force! We know you’re a hardcore fight fan, so how about you take a second an visualize a head to head staredown! Scary ISNIT!

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  • The problem with Desert Force Management is they are not looking at DFC from a big picture, meaning they just pit people in the cage and go ahead and fight without focusing on divisions. For example the heavyweight division 93 KG. When was the last time you saw a fight, let me answer the question it was the Brazilian guy against Abdelali Aityacho. In last DFC (Bahrain) most of the fights were 77 KGS and below. In my opinion, every event for DFC they should have 2 fights for every weight category (7 weight categories*2= 14)

  • As for Abu Hamdan, I think he should fight against Adel Medjoub, and the winner fights against Sawi (Given he wins against Shawe) that way u have a title contender who have won at least 3 fights or in Abu Hamdan’s case 4.

  • I repeat: Khalid Walid is the most dangerous man this weight.

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