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Abdallah Abou Hamdan Talks About Latest and Upcoming Fight

ArabsMMA catches up with the Lebanese juggernaut Abdallah Abou Hamdan to talk about his “Fight of the night” performance against Mahmoud Salama, injuries and his next fight!


Abdallah! That was a sick performance at Desert Force! We gave it our “Fight of the Night” award, did you intend for it to be such a barn stormer of a fight?

Well you cant really plan for these things. You can really plan a fight unless your fighting a bum opponent who will make it easy for you to predict all their moves. Salama was definitely not one of those. He is one of the most dangerous fighters you can fight as he fights with all his heart and gives it all in every fight. I know fighters quite well, and this one I respect since I started preparing for our bout. I knew he leaves it all in the cage so that didn’t surprise me.

During the fight I connected with quite a few heavy punches that rocked him and sent him to the floor and he kept coming back! In-between the first and second round I remember I peaked at his corner to see how the guy is still surviving! And in the second round he came back with the same attitude! I really enjoyed this fight

Any injuries on your part or battle scars?

We I injured my cheekbone, but to be honest I don’t really remember when that happened in the fight.


When are we going to see you in the cage next?

Well, I just got contacted by Ashraf Chechani, Desert Force match maker, and he asked if I would like to fight on the Fight Card in September against an Iranian figher. Ill be there!

We saw one of the kickboxing legends, Prince Amir, in your corner. Will we be seeing him in your corner henceforth?

Prince Amir is a champion and an old good friend of mine! I trained with him a lot when I was living in Dubai. I respect him and trust him and I would love for him to be in my corner whenever he can.

I would love to use this opportunity to thank Peter Hatton fighters, Xpress gym and all the guys I am training with at the moment in Melbourne. Special shout out to my manager Chuck Wichert and my sponsor Samer Halimeh.

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