Jarjis Dhanho: “I Want To Fight Tanios , Everybody Wants Us To Fight”

I Want To Fight Tanios , EveryOne Wants Us To Fight


Everyone must remember The Mountain of a man who defeated Abdel Kareem Mohammad at Desert Force 12 event on 28/04/2014. Yes, the one and only Jarjis Danho “Man Mountain” is who we are referring to. Seems like the Arab MMA fans will soon get to see him back in the Desert Force cage.

Little did we know Jarjis Danho was scheduled to fight in Desert Force 13 but due to a hand injury he unfortunately had to pull out.

“I was supposed to fight a guy from Tunisia …but now it has come and gone”.

That would have been a sick addition to what was already a super stacked card but let’s focus on what is to come!

Danho has recovered and “is in very good shape”, waiting for Desert Force to head to KSA – Saudi Arabia in the coming December. Could we possibly get to see the mountain in the cage with Mark Tanios?!

“I want the Desert Force Shield but am not sure if I will get this fight soon. Maybe Desert Force will bring back the Tunisian I was scheduled to fight in Dubai. I want to fight Mark Tanios. Mark is a great Sportsman.The two of us fighting each other for the title is what everyone wants to see.”

Even if Desert Force does allow for this fight to happen this December, the problem of the political situation might get in the way! Sadly, Danho holding the Syrian Nationality may have difficulties getting a visa into Saudi Arabia, which seems to be the case for Syrian fighters currently. Why? I personally have no idea, but I have one thing to say… Politics Kill Sports.

Whether or not these circumstances effect who fights where, we will see the “ManMountain” in Desert Force near or far.

“I have a Multi Fight deal with Desert Force” says Jarjis who is more than ready to fight in Desert Force in December when it hits the KSA for the first time ever. Everyone is excited to see this beast once again in the cage, be it against the Lebanese Juggernaut Tanios or anyone else.

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