Sami Antar Vs Aityachou For A Shot Against The Champ?

Abdel Ali Aityachou has been looking for a rematch with the Champ since Karaki's unexpcted comeback at Desert Force



Abdel Ali Aityachou has been looking for a rematch with Mhamad Karaki since his unexpected comeback at Desert Force 13! After his bloody fight with Amir Ismail, Aityachou proved again that he is a force to be reckoned.

The light heavyweight champ had made his debut that same night in a different division, cutting almost 10 Kilos and defeating the Iranian Mohamahdi with an armbar from triangle. However Karaki did not yet go public about whether he’ll keep on fighting at middleweight or move back up to light heavyweight.


Regarding Karaki defending his title against Sami Antar, Abdel Ali made it clear to ArabsMMA that he is more rightful than Sami for a rematch.

Ali didn’t quit thinking it through. Moving onwards from his defeat against Karaki, he carries a 1-1 loss/win. The alpha male, AbdelAli, will definitely put on a good show, be it against Karaki or Antar.

It’s the survival of the fittest out here, Sami Antar to face AbdelAli and earn a title shot against the now champion Mohammad “Lutador” Karaki is a fight that will get the fans jumping no doubt.


“Sami has been out of Desert Force for a while. I don’t really know how good he is and that’s beside the point but I deserve a rematch with Karaki more than anyone. I am ready to fight Antar for this spot . Let’s make this happen ! ”

So what do you guys think of this one? Antar Vs Karaki for the title? Or Abdel Ali Vs Antar for a chance to take a shot at the title again?!

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  • The “The Lion Talk” is very cute, I like his confidence so I promise I’ll grant him my first title defence.

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