Yousef Wehbe Unhappy With Decision, Blames Elbe

This fight should have went to an extra round.


“This fight should have went to an extra round. Makkiis did not do enough to take the decision win and if I ever get the rematch , I promise ill finish him.” – Yousef Wehbeh-


In the first episode, the first fight Of “Al Batal: Season Two” Had Yousef Wehbeh from Team Baghdad from lebanon facing Younes Makiss (Team Elbe) from Morocco .

Mikkiss managed to get the decision win after being in control most of the fight shutting down wehbe’s takedowns and catching him with multiple yet unsuccessful choke attempts. Yet from Wehbeh’s post fight reaction you can tell that he wasn’t content with the decision.

sad yousef

“ I got the opportunity to join “AL BATAL” on short notice and was not going to let it go easier. I usually fight as a lightweight 70 kg , but then again a fight is a fight . I think the Judges were influenced by Ray elbe’s constant cornering, convincing them that his boy won the fight. All I could here was Ray Elbe’s voice in the fight.


“The first episode of the season looked really good and way better than the first season.The fighters are that of a higher level and coaches are world class; really good coaches to train with and learn. I gained slotting experience in the show just knowing more about my self and the mental aspect of the game. “


Yousef Wehbe and after his AL BATAL experience, hopefully will learn how to better cope with a defeat no matter how harsh it was, no matter how hard he hit. The young fighter still has a lot infant of him, pebbles build a river bed; each fight he takes is a pebble. Yousef should not mourn this loss, he should accept it, love it, and cherish it, but most of all he should learn from it because only the wise win by losing.

ARABSMMA wishes Yousef a smooth journey in his martial arts career, that is not free of loss, but that is rich in winnings.

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