Karaki: “Don’t Waste Time Trash Talking, This Won’t Let You Survive.”


A barrage of back and forth trash talking heat is taking place between Mohammad Karaki and Sallah-Eddine Dekhissi on social media before their scheduled and highly anticipated upcoming Middleweight title fight at Phoenix 6.

Sallah-Eddine Dekhissi (5-2-0) is making a dream Phoenix debut, instantly taking a shot at grabbing the promotion’s Middleweight title as well as the bargaining rights of being the first fighter to hand Mohammad Karaki his only professional loss.

After the fight was originally announced in January, Sallah-Eddine made some noise in a photo that he posted of himself being hospitalized. In the captions, Sallah-Eddine assured his followers that his fight with Karaki won’t be changed and will go on as planned, even if he feels it’s necessary for him to fight with only one leg.

Sallah Dekhissi:

“Thank God the operation went well. As for my fight, it will not be cancelled. Karaki, even on one leg, I will break your mouth!”

Recently, things between the two turned up a notch.

Replying to Sallah-Eddine’s message, the undefeated former Desert Force Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight champion came back with a powerful answer, advising Sallah-Eddine to drop the trash talking and focus on his training because he won’t be given any chance of survival in their upcoming title fight inside the Phoenix cage.

Mohammad Karaki:

“I really hope he doesn’t pull out the last minute. Let him get back in shape and not waste time trash talking. This won’t let him survive what I am about to bring for this fight.”

Dekhissi vs Karaki promises to be one of the most exciting fights of that night! Phoenix 6 Abu Dhabi will take place on the 5th of April, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Stay tuned for the full fight card to be officially released soon.

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