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Lingerie Fighting Championships HL Video Hits 2 Million Views in 1 Week!

After holding their 20th event, Lingerie Fighting Championships uploaded this highlight video that attracted more than 2,200,000 views in just a week! Well, it seems like MMA’s most controversial league is becoming the next big thing! Women fighting in lingerie; you must be out of your mind to take these fights seriously, but this is damn entertaining!

What are your thoughts?

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  • Whats wrong with u people thisnt sport this is pervet staff i was hoping that this site will stay clean but. We are arab people we have a lot of values whats that we love sport but pls american shit no pls arabsmma keept it clean

  • Thx sniper for ure awareness and respect too. By the way i love mounir lazzaz lol

  • As long as they re happy with it , we have to be cool with it !!

    Its called entertainment !! Everyone should be happy at least ! 🙂

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