Lucas Leite Joins The Hall of Stars Visiting Team Nogueira Dubai

Lucas Leite comes to join the hall of stars who have shared their knowledge in the UAE


Lucas Leite comes to join the hall of stars who have shared their knowledge in the UAE like Rousimar Palhares, Anderson Silva and Minotauro nogueira himself.

Team Nogueira Dubai keeps the tradition of bringing to the scene one more BJJ world figure to share the knowledge and help spread the word about Jiu Jitsu.

Lucas Leite, another of a list of notable Black Belt BJJ practitioners to visit the UAE and offer seminars, further cementing its place as a global hub for the sport.

Hailed as one of the best fighters in BJJ, Leite flew all the way from the U.S., where he formed one of the strongest Checkmate BJJ camps, to visit Raphael Haubert’s Team Noguera Dubai. Known for his slick half guard and competing in weight classes above his normal competition weight (lightweight), Leite is one of the most knowledgable and crazy characters on the BJJ scene.

Amongst the black belts who were present are Rafael Haubert, Head coach and Manager of Team Nogueira Dubai , Paulo Jose Pinto, Thabet AL Taher, Roberto Ribeiro Ximbica, and Filip Sagat.

Lucas Leite Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Lucas Jonas Gomes Leite
Nickname: “Loucura” means craziness in Portuguese, because of Lucas Leite’s wild character.
Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Leonardo Vieira

Main Titles:

World Champion (2007, 2005 brown belt)
World Nogi Champion (2009, 2011)
Pan American Champion (2014, 2012, 2009, 2007)
Grapplers Quest Pro Division Champion (Del Mar 2009, 2007)
Sao Paulo State Champion (2006)
European Champion (2006)
World Silver Medallist (2011)
World Pro Cup Silver Medallist (2012)
Pan American Silver Medallist (2011)

Lucas Leite x John Slater: 2014 Pan Ams Quarter Final

Photo Credit: Fighting Lifestyle UAE

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