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Meet The Voices Behind Your Favorite Martial Arts Shows


His decorated commentary career reached its pinnacle in 2010 as he commentated on the first UFC in Abu Dhabi and has since continued to work with UFC as well as Desert Force, Abu Dhabi Fighting Championships, Dubai Fighting Championships. He isn’t a black belt in any mixed martial arts and has never fought in a cage, and he will never profess to know more than anyone else. However, he’s a black belt in his passion for MMA which is unrivaled in the commentary game, hence his incredible resume.

Think about the essence of the word, “commentary”. The name of the profession suggests that the job of the “commentator” is to speak about the competition or the competitive events unfold, and nothing else. This is only partially an accurate description as commentary is meant to captivate audiences through story-telling, and detailed colorful commentating on what is ensuing in the competition. A great commentator is an expert, avid enthusiast, and individual who eats, drinks, and breathes the competition. In order to keep spectators wired and enthused, a great commentator must create an inextricable bond between the spectators, the sport, and the competitors.



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