Mohamed Mirza and Yazan Ghattas Views on Fakhreddine vs Eid Stoppage

Did referee Yazan Ghattas stop Monday’s Georges Eid Vs Mohammad Fakhreddine fight too quickly? It depends on whom you ask.


Abu Dhabi, UAE – Did referee Yazan Ghattas stop Monday’s Georges Eid Vs Mohammad Fakhreddine fight too quickly? It depends on whom you ask.

Late in the second round of the Desert Force 13 co-main event, Fakhreddine mounted Eid and delivered a series of punches with the referee stopping the fight only one or two seconds before the round ended. Yet, the stoppage didn’t come without controversy.

The decision earned a fair amount of boos, and Georges Eid and his corner reacted ferociously. Still, many others claimed that the stoppage was rightful as Eid was not defending himself. Desert Force managing director Mohammed Mirza shared his thoughts on the incident stating via a post on his facebook page that it was pity to stop this fight with 2 seconds remaining in the second round:

It was pity this fight was stopped with 2 seconds remaining in the 2nd round. The 3rd round would’ve been awesome! Do you guys think the result would have been the same if there was a 3rd round?

It was a tough night for Ghattas, who was reffing that fight, but Yazan in his turn expressed his view on the matter claiming that his duty as a ref is to protect the fighters, and at the same time admitting that he was not aware of the 10 second buzzer:

Being the reff of Desert Force is an honor and privilege to me and a job I take seriously . As founders and fans of desert force most of the people want to see action and great fights, that’s exactly what we got in the case of Mohammad Fakhreddine and Georges Eid fight. But my main concern is the safety of our fighters and we’ll being some times one more punch can cause brain damage or serous injuries I watched the fight over and over again I don’t see anything wrong in the stoppage Fakhreddine was full mount and pounding with no response from george at the end. And everybody was arguing that there was only 2 seconds left is that enough reason to take the victory away from Fakhreddine who did his job just because there was only 2 seconds left? But I do have some fault on me with all the commotion around me I did not hear the 10 second buzzer and yes that might have affected my decision but facts are facts and I took my decision to stop the fight . This is an experience that I learned from and will only improve my performance all respect to Mhamad Fakhreddine and Georges Eid . Thank you Mo Mo Mirza Zaid Abu-Soud and all the fans of Desert Force all the respect in the world . And a lesson well learned .

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