Mohammad Fakhreddine: “Haters Gonna Hate”

With so much controversy surrounding the stoppage, it seems like everybody has an opinion regarding what happened or should have happened in the fight.


With so much controversy surrounding the stoppage, it seems like everybody has an opinion regarding what happened or should have happened in the fight.

Georges Eid vs Mohammad Fakhreddine was one of the most heated, intense and entertaining fights on the Desert Force 13 card with the fight being the Co-main event of the evenining . Taking the fight on only 9 day notice, Eid seemed to be doing well against Fakhreddine, who was making his welterweight (77 KG) debut after having relinquished his middle weight (84 KG) shield, and the fight was swinging back and forth.

However, Fakhreddine was able to finish the fight with two seconds to go in the second round which left Eid’s corner furious over the referee’s questionable decision. Yazan Ghattas, the referee, admitted that he did not hear the 10 second call before the buzzer, but does not regret his decision to stop the fight. Eid and his corner were even more furious knowing that Fakhreddine was injured, watching him limp and could have very well possibly not been able to continue through the third round.

There is also, however, Fakhreddine’s side of the story. Fakhreddine surely feels robbed and un-credited with his victory and had a few things to say. He admits that although he had developed into a calmer style of fighting, he didn’t go into fighting Eid even close to being fully ready.


“I had a good time fighting Georges. I think it’s the first fight people see me this clam and focused. I’m happy with what I did even though I wasn’t 50 percent myself. I came in with a messed up rib, and a shaky wrist. Also, I messed up my ankle I think with the first kick I threw.”

He then credited Eid for his always courageous efforts and revealed that getting the call to fight him wasn’t really the happiest moment for him.


“George has a great heart, but needs to get his act together. I didn’t want to fight him. We really are friends. But this is just business.”

When asked about the referee’s decision and the controversy surrounding it as far as the referee stoppage with Georges apparently protecting himself, even occasionally striking back, Fakhreddine had something to say. He also gave his thoughts about people’s assumptions regarding what “could have” happened if the fight had gone on to round three with him pushing through with his injured ankle and l had some tough words to share for his “haters”.


“I think the referee takes the final decision and it was obvious I had Georges pinned on the ground. Moving your right handup and down doesn’t mean you are fighting back. I think the stoppage was good because the ref warned Georges 4 times! And, for every one that thinks I couldn’t have went through the third round, YOUR WRONG ! I fought with a broken rib, a busted wrist and I messed up my foot in the first round, yet, I fought through it all. Believe me when I tell you, I would’ve cut my foot off and still fought through another 2 rounds. For everyone of you haters, you’re always gonna hate. So, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s what I know.”

Controversy will always be surrounding this fight until it happens again, if it ever does. However, Fakhreddine’s performance, especially in the second round, was much better than that of Eid. It is interesting to see Fakhreddine, even with his success and experience, still so eager to learn, entertaining and most importantly, still so humble. He is a true fighter by all means.

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