Mohammad Yahya “On a Mission” In His Upcoming Fight


The upcoming Desert Force card is the biggest and best one yet, no question about it! Every fight equally as exciting. However, one of the most intriguing fights happening is the light weight (70 KG) showdown between Ali Alnaemi and Mohammad Yahya.

Yahya is a fresh starter in Desert Force with only one fight debuting in March at Bahrain, finishing off Hamza Nafush with a knee to the body and in impressive fashion. However, Alnaemi has already established himself in Desert Force as a strong contender with his always evolving skills and good performances, having already fought in Desert Force on three occasions, only losing once.

This is a huge fight for Yahya if he wants to establish himself as a serious contender. It is very difficult to beat Alnaemi at a single art because he is so well rounded in all aspects of mixed martial arts, whether it be striking or grappling. Still, his wrestling is the most glowing part of his game. However, Yahya claims that he’s been doing his “homework”, saying:

“I think Ali has very good wrestling skills, but I am a more-well rounded fighter ! I’ve been doing my homework and improving both my striking and ground game.”

Yahya does not deny the importance of this fight and knows how far it will take him in the now, ever-growing, Desert Force light weight division. He seems to be taking it personally and intends on sending a clear message.


“This fight will be a great one. Everyone will be watching Yahya Vs Alnaemi. But, this is more than just a man to man fight, this is UAE vs Qatar. I am fighting for my country. I am a man on a mission and I will send a clear message to everyone in my division this time !”

Big words from Yahya! You’d think he has served some-time in the military. But he hasn’t. Yahya surely knows how tough this fight is going to be and has a clear idea of how much his ranking in the competition will increase if he pulls off a victory here. No matter what, every single shred of intent is there to produce a great fight and guarantee the best Desert Force fight card yet. Stay tuned.

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  • Mohamed Yahya is unpredictable. I fought against him.Could never win though I am 90 kgs .His coach Jamil is One man Army. If he trained with master Jamil then it is though he served in the Army. I ve seen Ali Naemi fight . He is good but he is no match for Yahya. That kid is machine. Well rounded. I am not from UAE

  • أنا مع محمد يحيى , ما نبا نزعل الإنجلييز

  • I am with mohammed yahya! People fight fir the money and fame, but this kid fights because he loves martial arts. Good luck mo

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