Desert Force “Vs the World” Recap: Victor Monfort VS Georges Eid


Honestly I think few people expected this fight to go the distance! Both fighters are stand up experts (Georges in Sanda/Wushu and Victor in Muay Thai/Kick Boxing). Georges was making his return to Desert Force after participating in the Al Batal reality TV show where he came in 2nd. His opponent was a K1 fighter with bags of experience who fights out of Team Nogueira in Dubai!

Victor quickly took the center of the Octagon, they traded kicks to start with. Victor threw a kick which Georges caught and used to throw Victor to the ground where he would have the advantage. Victor however got up very quickly and negated that danger!
Both fighters range of striking skills was on clear display, Victor threw a range of kicks and punches and Georges answer with a spinning kick of his own. Georges threw a strong right punch and seems to have slipped slightly into Victor’s hold from which the Spaniard unloaded a series of left hooks followered by a short right hook that knocked Georges down to the ground and out!

Desert Force “Vs the World” Recaps

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