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Post of the Week : Georges Eid Calls Out Jarrah Alselawe


After winning against Ahmed Saeb at Desert Force , Abu Dhabi , Georges Eid had since campaigned for a bout at the promotion’s event that took place last month in Amman. Eid showed great interest in stepping in to fight Jarrah Alselawi who was originally st to face Tarek Suleiman. Suleiman was out and Mohamed Sayah was brought in as a last minute replacement. The Jordanian managed to knock out Sayah in a one of a kind comeback to add a second consecutive win under the Desert Force banner.

Eid strikes again. He wants his next fight to be against recent upcoming welterweight challenger Jarrah Alselawi. Not only did he call him out before, he’s doing it again now. The #4 ranked lebanese P4P fighter took it to facebook, check out what he said :

facebook post

The promotion’s next event is set to take place this August as the Finale of Al Academiya Season three will take place. The main event will pit current middle weight champion Ibrahim Elsawi Vs the Former light heavyweight champ Mohammad Karaki.

Eid has been out since February , so his place on this card is pretty much secure. If this fight takes place , Lebanon would be a good setting no doubt.

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  • Best match is Jarrah vs Rami hamid … winner gets title shot … if any of them cannot fight for any reason .. other should fight for the title … loser from this match (Jarrah vs Rami) should fight Ghorabi.
    If fa5ro wins another match, he should get title shot too.

  • Rami vs Jarrah will be a good fight. Fakhreddin vs Ghorabi will be also very good. Lazzez must defend his title against the winner from Rami vs Jarrah. George Eid is not much of a fighter. Silawi must eat him alive should this fight take place.

  • Some body ought to teach this guy a serious lesson about MMA. Ghorabi or Selawi are good candidates.

  • Ghorabi vs. fa5ro will not be done. but what about Ghorabi vs George eid ?

  • Ok guys ,lets be rational , if georges is ready to face a serious fighter , he should start by fighting tarek suleiman…silawis future opponent should be a decent fighter , we need to see ghorabi rambling against silawi ….right ???

    • I agree. If silawi defeats ghorabi, he will prove that he is the best contender for the title.

  • Silawi VS ghorabi the winner fights lazaz
    Fakherdeen VS rami hamed will be a great fight also
    Anas siraj mounir VS thabet agha

    Georges eid VS amer wahman or any new fighter

    Rami azez VS tarek suliman

    The next event should be just welterweight fights 😛

    • Ghorabi already had a title shot. Silawi still needs one or 2 more fights to prove himself as a serious contender for the title. Tarek Suleiman vs Ghorabi or George Eid vs Ghorabi would be cool. Ghorabi would teach them the true meaning of MMA. Ghorabi lost against Lazzez but he was a fine opponent.

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