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Russian Effect | The Power Behind The KO


Sometimes, it can be tough to find a significant other who fully understands the mental and physical work and responsibilities behind being a professional fighter. Yet that’s not the case with these two love birds. In this picture, you might be familiar with one of the faces, probably the ugly one -“RamyHamed” and wondering who the pretty lady is! Julia Firsova is more than just a poster girl with angelic genes, in fact this lethal beauty is a professional Muay Thai fighter, owner of NakMuayNangfas team in Russia and one of Hamed’s biggest supporters.

Rami, an up and coming Lebanese/Russian MMA fighter made his Debut at Desert Force with an impressive first round finish. He then made his second appearance and knocked out his opponent cold with a highlight real KO that went Viral. If you see the knockout, you will realize that such power can only spring with the support of a truly significant person, well maybe not but that’s how Ramy feels.

“I went into my latest fight, and all I was thinking of was finishing my opponent to dedicate the win to my family and my Juli. I received gigantic support from this Lady as I was preparing for my fight at Desert Force 17 and as you all saw it paid off. Actually today, she competed in her first BJJ tournament in Russia, and being the true warrior she is, won both her fights. Keep it up girl”

It’s good to see these young souls venture into their own world inside and outside the ring.
Training Martial Arts can bring out the best and the worst in someone; it’s always a roller coaster of emotions in this industry. One day you’re feeling great, and the next you feel like you just want to throw in the towel. If you still feel the same way about your partner after seeing them go through those emotions, you’re probably set!

For those who missed Hamed’s latest fight check it out !

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