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Salaheddine Dekhissi Challenges Ibrahim El Sawy

Let’s see how the Desert Force middle weight champ Ibrahim El Sawy will respond to this challenge
Photo Credit: Akl Yazbeck, Sports Code
Photo Credit: Akl Yazbeck, Sports Code

In a division that seems to be almost out of fighters, the 4-2 Sallah Dekhissi, who has 2 of his 4 wins inside the Desert Force cage, steps up and claims to be ready for a title shot against possibly one of the most feared fighter in Desert Force, Ibrahim El Sawy.

Having slipped in his first title fight against Hashem Arkhaga and slipped again on his way back to being the number one contender, Ibrahim El Sawy stayed strong and patient as his crushed his opponents and won the middleweight title he had his eyes on for so long by way of vicious knockout!

With his two wins and the short list of middle weight contenders, especially with most middle weights having dropped to welterweight, Dekhissi is right on the pocket for the next title shot against Ibrahim El Sawy. Here is what he had to say:


“I’m ready to fight the champ Ibrahim El Sawy. I don’t know if he knows me yet, but when he will, he will never forget me. I deserve this fight and worked very hard for it. Both the Desert Force organization and public (fans) can see my motivation during my two last fight in the DF 14 and 15 with a victory in the first minute of the bout. I dream that this fight might take place in Morocco, in front of my home crowd, so that I may honor them with the championship title crest. I really hope that the DF will land in Morocco. So, El Sawy, if you don’t fear a challenge, here I am challenging you! And, trust me, it will be you’re hardest fight yet.”

Let’s see how the Desert Force middle weight champ Ibrahim El Sawy will respond to this challenge. Stay tuned.

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  • Pls Arabs mma , check sherdog before u post such unreal statistics

    Dekhissi has a record of 3-2 , not 5-0 , and still he doesnt deserve a title shot

    he didnt impress me personally

    • I think Karaki deserves the title shot here not Salaheddine. I do agree with Youssef he isn’t that impressive. Maybe Salahedine should fight Karaki for the title contention.

    • thanks yousef, it’s fixed now. it’s 5 fights, not 5 wins. sorry for the inconvenience

    • sallah is 4-2 ,he has 4 wins. sherdog is wrong! they always miss some fights

  • He finished his last 2 opponent in the first round only in few minutes, one by TKO and one by submission he was unknown in DF at only 21 Years old and he doesnt impressed you ? Lol I don’t know what will then. The DF Champ has only 5 wins so he isn’t that far from him in fact he’s currently at 4/2 I don’t know why but one fight is missing there I follow him since his first fight and trust me he will blow El Sawy so yes maybe you should be affraid if El Sawy impressed you and you want him to stay the DF champ

    • His first win at Desert Force came against an amateur fighter (it was his first professional fight). As for his second win it came against a fighter who only fought once at Desert Force. He still didn’t face anyone whose contending material.

      • You might be right but trust me when I say he fought tougher fighter than any DF MW currently just look at his opponents sherdog even if he lost it wasn’t against newcomer.
        That said please let’s be fair and stop talking about thing we don’t know for sure there is only one way to have the answers to our question let him fight the toughest fighter DF got, and maybe then you will take him serioulsy or maybe I will see that I’m wrong.

        • That’s what me and Youssef are saying. Yes he’s a great fighter but when u look at his last 2 fights it wasn’t against established Desert Force Fighters. If I was Desert Force Matchmaker i would pit him against Mohammad Karaki (whos one of the best Desert Force Fighters) winner takes on Sawi

          • That’s what I’m talking about and this is the fairest thing to do !

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