Tahar Hadbi: “I Would Have Beaten Al Selawi Easily, And I Will Prove It”


In a response to Jarrah Al Selawi’s Instagram video stating that Hadbi is making up excuses for his loss, Tahar Hadbi reached out to ArabsMMA clarifying the circumstances of the fight. At Brave 12: KHK Legacy, Tahar Hadbi met Jarrah Al Selawi in a pivotal encounter that ended with a decision win for the Jordanian. This fight marked the true number 1 title challenger who will face the Champion Harris. Shortly after the fight, Hadbi posted an x-ray scan of his broken arm on social media, claiming that it was broken since the first round.

Al Selawi came back with a video message, slamming Hadbi for making up “excuses”:

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Jarrah Al Silawi:

“I fought and won against Tahar Hadbi Alhamdulillah. I saw a post by Hadbi claiming he broke his hand in the first round, and that he’s going to teach me a lesson next time. Honestly Tahar, me and you were inside the cage, and we both know when you broke your arm, it was at the end of the 3rd round. Anyway, you asked for this fight, and I agreed, you should make no excuses and admit that i won the fight. I controlled you from the first minute, I was the better fighter also until the end. Alhamdulliah I won this fight, I hope you get better and we see you fighting in the cage again.”


Here’s what Hadbi had to say:

“Of course we were both inside the cage. You were unable to finish me with an arm broken since the first round. You were trying to convince me and the fans that was at the third because I won the first, and many people believed the same for the second”

“The truth is that my left arm and hand were already weakened because of intensive Muay Thaï sparring during my training camp. I was not supposed to fight and I have medical proof, but I decided to go ahead and fight you at 30% of my abilities and every one who knows me saw that it was not the real Tahar Hadbi inside the cage. Despite the decision win, you were not able to do anything, and of course, in other conditions, I would have beaten you so easily man and I will prove it in the future!”

While business remains unsettled between the two welterweights, whether or not Brave CF will give Hadbi his wish to face Al Selawi a second time is unknown.

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