Taher Hamdan: Fakhreddine Under Desert Force Contract

Mohammad Fakhreddine, 32, is one of the biggest draws in the region throughout his four-year career at Desert Force MMA championship. The Lebanese legend played an integral part in several of the most lucrative events in company history. His appearances included momentous fights against the likes of Jarrah Al Selawi and Aniss Al Hajjay. On January 25, 2016, Mohammad Fakhreddine faced Jarrah Al Selawi at Desert Force 25, and the promotion crowned him as the Desert Force interim welterweight champion. Fakhreddine then faced Aniss Al Hajjajy at Desert Force 23 and defended his interim title, in wait of Mounir Lazzez‘s recovery.

Fakhreddine dropped a bombshell on earlier last month when he revealed that he will headline the inaugural event of up-an-coming promotion, Brave Combat Federation. For many of the fans, this was the first definitive indication from Fakhreddine that the interim welterweight champion is ready to end his career with Desert Force.

ArabsMMA spoke to Desert Force matchmaker Taher Hamdan, who explained that the interim champion and Desert Force came to terms on this one-fight exception. However, as per the “champion’s clause” in his contract, Fakhreddine is still committed to a 2-year deal with the promotion.

When he signed for this fight outside of Desert Force, Mohammad Fakhreddine was not aware that his contract includes this clause. He reviewed the contract and saw that this clause is there. However, this was after he had already signed with Brave. We agreed that he can take this fight only, before injury forced him to pull out.

Fakhreddine won a Desert Force title. Our contracts state that any fighter who wins a title, regardless of how many fights he still has, his contract gets automatically renewed for 2 years during which he will have to take six fights

It may surprise some of you to know that Desert Force isn’t the only organization with such a contractual obligation. The UFC, Bellator, and Strikeforce include this term as well. Here’s the UFC version of the clause.

UFC version:

“If, at the expiration of the Term, Fighter is then UFC champion, the Term shall be automatically extended for a period commencing on the Termination Date and ending on the earlier of (i) one (1) year from the Termination Date; or (ii) the date on which Fighter has participated in three (3) bouts promoted by ZUFFA following the Termination Date (”Extension Term”).”

In other words Desert Force now has the upper-hand since Fakhreddine won a title fight. The interim title holder is destined to fight for the promotion for another 2 years.

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