The Biggest Winners of Desert Force Academiya

What a night that was! Full of grit, slick submission, ferocious KO’s and TKO’s, topped by the crowning of an interim Middle Weight Champion and the winners of the Academia finals. These matches make the follow up fights very intriguing and should keep us guessing what the guys at Desert Force have in store for us later.

The fight night witnessed 8 fighters emerge victorious, but which fighters took the biggest leaps forward in the organization? We can think of three:

Mohammad Ghorabi:


Ghorabi TKO’ed his way right to the Academia finals and then decided to not change a winning formula against Azzedine and emerged victorious. SHowing improved grappling and escape skills the Killa came up on top and deliver a series of blows to the head to sap the energy right out of his opponent. This was the exclamation mark at the end of a great run!

Mounir Lazzez:


What a way to make your debut in Desert Force. Mounir certainly lost the first round and was probably losing the second on account of the takedown’s of Anas. He came out in the third knowing he had to look to finish and did so in emphatic style! Faking a low uppercut, he forced Anas to lower his hands and delivered a left hook before THAT kick came up. Something tells me we might see these guys at it again over the next few fights

Amr Wahmann:


Amr was phenomenal! Although few gave him credit (something that I couldnt understand considering how he had 9 MMA bouts vs Victor’s 1), he managed to stun his opponent with a strong punch and swarm on him looking for the guillotine straight away. It will be exciting to see this fighter back in the cage soon. He has now gone 2-2 in Desert Force and will look to build on that record!

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