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Three Exercises To Get Rid Of Belly Fat


We all know how frustrating it can get to enter a fight cage with flabby kin around the abs, knowing that the glorious stomach we all deserve is right there in our grasp – just that it’s buried under those stubborn layers of fat.

Uncovering a rock solid set of abs and getting that fighting shape stomach isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. It’s going to take discipline, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise in order to achieve that goal we’re secretly always working towards.

Today, ArabsMMA is going to help make things a whole lot easier for you with these five sets of recommended exercises.

We’ll highlight some striking and useful exercises that do not require a large and tiring efforts imposed by strict crunching exercises and stomach exercises, we will provide you with the following exercises dedicated to flatten and carving stomach without the need to lay on the ground, and requires only some weights or exercise ball.


First Exercise: (Wood Choppers)

Carry one Dumbbell or sports balls, with both hands. Bent down to the right, with knees bent, move your hands and stretch them to the same direction and reach down to the ground. In the next move, stretch your body and stand up straight and lift up your hands to the extent and reach out to the other side and put your hands in the air.


Second Exercise:

Stand up straight, stretch your hands to the front, jump in your place and bend your knees in the air while maintaining the position of your hands. Repeat the movement several times in a row.


Third Exercise: (Plank Knee Tucks)

Start in full push up position. Tighten your core and bring your right knee into your chest — arch your back upwards slightly to amplify the contraction. Kick your right leg back out to start and repeat for your left leg. Continue to alternate until you’ve done 15 reps/side.


Fourth Exercise (Flutter Kicks)

Lie on the floor with your hands under your butt. Keep your legs straight and raise them off the floor about 6 inches. While maintaining a TIGHT core and strong lower abs, flutter your legs up and down for 30 seconds.


Fifth Exercise (Ab Planks)

After finishing the exercises it is important to refresh your body with a cold shower, you can also use a scented body wash to relax and get a smooth skin after stimulating the muscles many recommends amazing products such SAFEGUARD Body Wash which is available with such great and refreshing perfumes.

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