ArabsMMA Top 5 Knockouts of 2013

1. Mohammed al-Deie vs Jarah al Fadli
Do you remember how in school you would sometimes see children get bullied (or you might have even been bullied yourself) and wished that they would stand up and beat the living daylights out of their perpetrator? Ever watch a Flloyd Mayweather fight and see the way he taunts his opponents and talks so much smack that you just wish his opponent would pick up a ringside chair WWE style and beat him into a heap?

There is something about showboating that just doesn’t sit well with most people. So imagine this…

GFC Kuwait pits two Kuwaiti light heavyweights against one another. Mohammed al-Deie, who was making his debut, was up against Jarah Al Fadli with a crowd that was apparently split 50/50 when it came to supporting either Fadli or al-Deie.

A ground scramble ensued and al-Deie rose up fast and moved out of striking range (Fadli had narrowly missed a wild left as al-Deie was on his way up). As al-Deie stood up, he retreated swiftly which encouraged Fadli to mock his opponents retreat and pretend to pedal in his direction. Fadli approach al-Deie with his hands by his side in an attempt to provoke al-Deie and as Fadli came closer, al-Deie waited for the exact opportune time to throw a spinning backfist that connected viciously to the head of Fadli and knocked him out coooooooooooold!

A perfect mix of timing, striking and violence! Mohammed al-Deie wins this years ArabsMMA KO of the Year!

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