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Tristar Lebanon hosts Senshido Self Defense Seminar

Senshido Self Defense Seminar


Everyone at one point or another has a choice; when confronted with violence, do you engage or do you try conflict resolution for a peaceful outcome? How do you recognize a developing confrontation? Will peaceful attempts to disengage be beneficial? What if nothing works, and physical violence is the only way to protect one’s life? What do you do to keep you and the ones you love safe from harm? Senshido! On Sunday the 25th of October, join professional Senshido instructor George Fahmy at Tristar Gym, Mtayleb Country Club, for a day of exceptional realistic skill based seminar from 10am to 4pm, that will save your life if ever there comes a time.

“Senshido is so much more than self-defense; it is a developed system that delves into the psychological triggers of violence, deconstructing the ego, and setting a foundation for comprehensive transformation of persons and communities.” – Richard Dimitri

Richard Dimitri is the founder of Senshido “who went on to become, and is still considered, one of the top and most sought out personal protection and defense tactics experts in the world” states the website. His vision was of a self-defense system that allows for personal growth and the realization that one can work for peace instead of engaging straight with violence. How to understand and recognize confrontation is taught along with different uses of self-defense tactics including defusing the situation, verbal disentanglement, and the physical tool set incase all else fails.

It “teaches survival skills for real world violent situations” that anyone may encounter whether male, female, adult or child, using the natural survival skills that are already instinctive.

One of our very own Lebanese teachers of Senshido, George Fahmy, is giving a full day seminar where he will teach, explain and encourage the safety of all those who understand the importance of learning this life long, life-saving, form of self-defense. George Fahmy, who has a Bachelor in Business Administration Degree from the American University of Beirut (AUB), and a Masters in international affairs from the Lebanese University of Beirut (LAU), is Senshido International’s Director of Operations for the Greater Middle East, geographically spanning from North Africa to the Indian sub-continent. The very talented, soft spoken, and friendly Fahmy teaches regular pivate Self Defense classes. Practical as well as theoretical topics on violence avoidance and survival are the targets of this fundamental learning experience.

ArabsMMA staff have tried and tested George Fahmy’s lessons first hand and highly recommends all those interested to attend.

Check out the poster for more details.

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