Walid Seghir Vs Dennis Mungai Announced For Next Al Batal Episode

The last episode of Al Batal witnessed Team Elbe's first victory


The last episode of Al Batal witnessed Team Elbe’s first victory after three consecutive wins for Team Baghdad.

After the fight, Al Batal’s newest joiners Dennis Mungai (Team Elbe) and Walid Seghir (Team Baghad) were picked to compete next.

BJJ black belt Walid Seghir (70Kg), originally from Algeria, lives in France and holds the Palestinian struggle very close to heart. As a fighter, he is very talented on the ground and has an impressive striking background. Walid is an amazing athlete with strong work ethics.

Dennis Mungai (70Kg), originally from Morocco, was born and bred in Sweden. He was there for the chance to train with hardened vets of the sport and possibly become Al Batal, making friends was not on his agenda.

Walid Vs Dennis Fight Preview:

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