Yousef Abu Shreekh vs Iskander Ben Ghali Fight Review


Heavyweights always have a particular kind of allure. Maybe it’s the inner cave man in us, but there is rarely something as satisfying as watching two big guys trade leather. As the chances of a highlight knockout increase, so does the excitement in the audience.

Yousef Abu Shreekh was making his third appearance in the Cage Warriors promotion and was facing the big Tunisian Iskander Ben Ghali who made his Cage Warriors amateur debut at Fight Night 10.

The fighters came out to much applause and didn’t waste anytime in throwing bombs! Iskander came out strong throwing punches and showed his dirty boxing skills from the clinch. Yousef managed to break away and throw an overhand right that would knock most people out of our solar system let alone unconscious and hurt Iskaner bad!

Iskander managed to weather the storm however and threw a combo that ended up knocking down Yousef. Yousef was dazed however, and Iskander was able to back mount Yousef before throwing bombs. The referee decided he had seen enough and stopped the bout. Explosiveness from start to finish!

“I did all my best, but my opponent was tough. I hit him so hard, but he had a stone chin” said Yousef

Everyone expected Yousef to go into the cage and finish things early, but little did they know about what the Tunisian had planned. Reason for losing ?! Could it be Yousef’s absence from the cage since 2012? A problem all the arab fighters have been facing is the lack of events and opportunities to fight often!

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