Verbal War ! Sami Antar Replies To The Champ, Karaki


Things are really heating up between Mhamad Karaki and Sami Antar with verbal comments and attacks shooting back and forth between these two. It all started out when Karaki decided to, temporarily, drop down to middle weight (84 KG) due to the fact that the Desert Force light heavyweight (93 KG) division being dead for the meantime with no real challenge for the current champion.

Being unaware of the fact that Karaki didn’t have a previous challenge and having found out that he needs one, Sami Antar was quick to challenge Karaki for his title shield, offering him a fight since he needed one and did not do so in the most polite of fashion.

Still, Karaki did not take much into Antar’s words and took the required steps to fight at middle weight for his next appearance instead of accepting the challenge. In an interview on the matter of Antar challenging him, Karaki stated:

“(I) think (Antar) should pass a couple of fights to get the chance for a title shot”.

Apparently, Karaki’s statement got the best of Antar who continued to declare the beginnings of a verbal war between the two. Antar was quick to reply to Karaki, saying


“Spirit of the tournament”?
I’ve fought in the first ever Light Heavyweight Grand Prix remember?
This is before Karaki ever set foot in the Desert Force cage.
After winning my first fight I made it to the finale, but then I got injured and needed surgery. I’m not getting anything, and I’m not jumping out of no where what a ridiculous thing to say. Fact of the matter is THAT’S MY TITLE THERE SON! First he complains about not having a challange, then he complains about getting one. Silly rabbit you need to get your head straight, so I can knock it off in December.

See ya at the weigh ins and good luck with your fight.

With Karaki’s fight now at middle weight around the corner, win, lose or draw, there will definitely be an exchange of words between these two. Karaki has his mind set on his next fight for now, but this is surely just the beginning of what’s going to build up to one of the most anticipated fights and rivalries of 2014 in Desert Force. Stay tuned for more info.

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