Desert Force 15 on MBC Action Live Results & Play By Play

Jarrah Al Selawi vs Mohammad Fakhreddine

Jarrah walks out with a picture of Muath al Kasasbeh. A very awesome touch from the fighter!

Fakhreddine out next. This fight is finally happening! Expect fireworks!

Round 1:
Round 1 here we go

No touch of gloves. As expected.

Fakhreddine comes out shooting but Jarrah using the space of the cage well. A spinning back fist by Fakhreddine misses and he shoots for the takedown against the cage. Jarrah grabs Fakhredine’s arm and spins him using the kimura. Fakhreddine very aggresive in trying to close the disstance here but Jarrah doing a good job of backing up and striking. Jarrah now with Fakhreddine against the cage.

Head kick by Jarrah almost lands clean. And another one. Fakhreddine goes in and tries to close the distance. He is throwing haymakers here! Fakhreddine now in full mount this can get dangerous for Jarrah. He rolls and gets Fakhreddine off his back. Jarrah shoots for the armbar but doesnt get it and ends up with Fakhreddine in his half-guard.

30 seconds left in this one. Jarrah telegraphs a take down and Fakhreddine scrambles. 20 sceonds left here. 10 seconds. Fakhreddine going for the guillotine and thats it!

Round 1 is over. thats a 10-9 to Fakhreddine

Round 2: Round 2 here we go!

Body kick from Jarrah lands. Fakhreddine rushes in again with punches and has Jarrah against the cage. He gets the takedown but Jarrah is threatening with the kimura! Fakhreddine does well to escape but Jarrah is now on top and working for a full mount. He gets it! Fakhreddine scrambles though and Jarrah works for an armbar but doesn’t get it. He’s got it!!! It’s in!!! The arm is broken!!! Fakhreddine taps!!!!

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