Desert Force Abu Dhabi (Desert Force 15) Main Card Recap

Desert Force Abu Dhabi was a great success, packed with an awesome crowd, great commentating, intense fights and destructive finishes.


Desert Force Abu Dhabi was a great success, packed with an awesome crowd, great commentating, intense fights and destructive finishes. The only crest in the armor of the event was the backstage interviews, which, as “good-hearted and helpful” as they were, are probably the most provoking post-fight interviews of all time.

The main card began with Georges “Bulldozer” Eid from Tristar Gym Lebanon vs Ahmed Saeb from Samurai Team Iraq. Eid looked outstanding in his performance, bettering Saeb in every aspect of the game. Eid, like never before, looked so fit and ready for anyone in the 77 KG welterweight division. Perhaps it is because he had a lot of time to prepare, as he mentioned post-fight, unlike his last fight which was only on a 9 day notice. Needless to say, Eid is totally back on the right track for the vacant 77 KG title crest.

The second fight featured Mohammed Fakhreddine vs Jarrah Al Silawy. In the pre-fight weigh-ins, things seemed to heat up between these two as there were a couple of shoves and attacks. As expected, the fight was gruesome ! These two threw everything they had at each other the moment the bell rang. They attacked each other so relentlessly that they were out of breath for the rest of the round and fighting on fumes. The fight ended via second round submission with Al Silawy finishing Fakhreddine by a kimura. After the fight, both fighters showed their respects and Fakhreddine, as always, showed a classy and lovable attitude. Fakhreddine will always be one of the Desert Force fan favorites with always entertaining fights, but what could be next for Jarrah Al Silawy, who made his Desert Force debut scoring a victory after a veteran and former champion as Fakhreddine?

Fight number three saw Tarek Suleiman vs Christofer Silva. As much as these two respected each other, they both did everything they can to finish each other at every moment in the fight. While Suleiman found it difficult to take Silva down, the Brazilian jujitsu black belt, Silva, was seemingly outstriking Suleiman at moments. In round two, Silva shot and took Suleiman down, but the latter started landing controversial elbows that ended the bout by TKO. Suleiman looked good through the fight, despite the elbows, making an impressive 77 KG welterweight debut. Could Jarrah Al Silawy be next for Tarek Suleiman?

The main event held Ahmad Al Boussairy vs Mohammad Yahya. A win for Yahya meant he was in the picture for a title shot for the 70 KG lightweight title. Yahya was calm throught the fight despite being caught early by an armbar from Alboussairy. He managed to change the tide as he escaped, worked for a mount and struck Alboussairy with punched that forced the referee to stop the fight and opened the door wide open for Yahya’s title shot. Could Mohammad Yahya vs Tarek Hamdi be next for the Desert Force lightweight title, or is there still someone out there that Yahya needs to face?

Much credits go out to Desert Force who are obviously working hard to make each of their events better and better. Congratulations to Desert Force Abu Dhabi venue for being such a great success of an event.

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  • Bravo Jarrah Al Silawy Way to Go Man !!! وحش جراااح you showed what you are made of

    Hardluck Fakhreldine you are amazing fighter too. i hugely respect you

    This Was the best fight of the night !!!

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