Desert Force 15 on MBC Action Live Results & Play By Play

Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Monday, February 09, 2015) for Desert Force “15″ at FGB Arena, Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi – UAE.

Christofer Silva vs Tarek Suleiman

If the last fight had bad blood written all over it… this one has War! Suleiman missed weight. Silva refused to fight unless he made it. Fight was cancelled. Replacements were sought. Both fighters came back and decided to do it again. No love lost here.

Round 1: Here we go!

They touch gloves and were off. Silva throws a big front kick that Tarek catches but cant quite get the takedown. Silva the more aggressive fighter to begin with.

Tare throws inside and outside leg kicks that find their mark. Silvas’ wide stance leaves that leg open though. Kick by Silva caught by Tarek. Silva tries to counter the low leg kicks with strikes over the top, Tarek doing a good job of circling here. They trade bombs! Few of which land because if they did this would have been over! They are throwing with some serious led here

Ten seconds in this one. Thats it!

Thats a 10-9 to Suleiman in my books

Round 2:Round 2 here we go

Tarek making good use of his leg kicks. Silva has definitely slowed down since the beginning of the first round. He catches a kick and pushes Tarek down up against the cage. Elbows by Tarek are leaving their mark on Silva. They stand and braaaaaaaaaawl!!!!!!!


Silva with another takedown and Tarek rains downs with elbows!

Thats it! Suleiman by TKO!!!!

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