Desert Force 15 on MBC Action Live Results & Play By Play

Mohammad Yahya vs Ahmad AlBoussairy

Up next is the main event. Mohammad Yahya vs Ahmed al Boussairy!

Mohammad Yahya can earn a title shot with a win. A win over a veteran like Boussairy will cement his place amongst the top contenders. The fan favorite has a knack for coming back from the brink of defeat but will look to avoid having to do that tonight. Boussairy has been looking to fight his way back up to the title ever since he lost against Haider Rasheed. He has since then altered wins and losses but will look to atone tonight. Lets do this!

Round 1: Boussairy out first with Yahya out second!

Minutes away! Round 1 here we go!

Boussairy out fast and looks for the strikes. Yahya chases and get the knee in. Boussairy Looks for the takedown, gets it and is fighting for the full mount! He gets it! This could get messsy!

Yahya turns him around however and Boussairy threatens with the arm bar! That looked very close. Yahya standing and posturing up. Boussairy looks for the upkicks and is holding onto one of Yahya’s legs. A big strike from up top by Yahya lands. He crouches over Boussairy, Yahya looks for openings to deliver strikes. Yahya gets the sidemount but Boussairy turns and they are in north/south again. A few big strikes land and Yahya is in full mount!!! This could be a long night. 2 minutes remaining. Yahya throws strikes and the ref steps in to stop it! Yahya by round 1 TKO!

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