Desert Force Al Academiya Season 2 Team Coaches Confirmed

Desert Force have finally confirmed that the team coaches for Al Academia season II. Guess who they are?


Desert Force have finally confirmed the team coaches for Al Academia season 2. Guess who they are? Aziz Julaidan and Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwaday!

Surprised? Not too much. We already had an idea that these two will be set off against each other in Al Academia and a fight at Desert Force eventually. Still, it is very exciting to see these two fighters, coach or compete against each other in pretty much anything there is to compete at.

At the end of 2013, Julaidan requested to fight Al-Selwady after the former had been newly crowned with the Desert Force 66 KG title, defeating Yousef “Polvo” Al-Hamad via first round knock-out. Though the bout was set and the prize luxurious, Julaidan dropped out of the fight due to a reported injury.

Now, these two will have a go against each other once again in Desert Force Al Academia II finals (Unless another Hashem Arkhagha and Bandar Liaison episode occurs).

It will also be interesting to see how things evolve with the Al Academia show after the first one being such a successful hit. One cannot help, but wonder how the show will be bigger and better this time around than the previous. As we remember, the Al Academia show follows 16 fighters in their trial and preparation to compete professionally in Desert Force championship for the title of being Desert Force Al Academia champion. With the first show being so action packed, what can be added to the next? Also, it will be even more interesting to discover new talents at the 61 and 66 KG weight divisions in the Arab region.

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