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Emad Hayan: Al Batal Promises to Blow the Fans Off Their Seats

The arab MMA fan base looks ready and all hyped for this long awaited staging


With just a few month until the airing of the second season of Al Batal reality show, the arab MMA fan base looks ready and all hyped for this long awaited staging! ArabsMMA has recently had the chance to sit down and chat with ISEE Entertainment and Events CEO Emad Hayan who promises to blow the fans off their seats in this version of the show. The new Season will feature a completely revamped format which focuses on gradually transforming Al Batal fighters into world class athletes.

Emad Hayan to ArabsMMA:

This year we are focusing on better rather than bigger.

A reality MMA experience full of drama & growth; an opportunity for Arab fighters to prove who they are through their blood, sweat & tears.

This upcoming season of Al Batal has worked on enhancing the quality of coaching, fighters, training & athleticism. It has greater focus on fighting & training. A higher caliber of fighters & fights, less sightseeing, more focus on coaches, coaching styles, and coach-fighter relationships, and much more drama.

The show was designed this time to give the coaches much greater presence; as such the coaches were selected with greater public persona and solid/comprehensive/exhaustive MMA backgrounds. They have a far more personal and intimate relationship with their fighters this season and consequently the dynamic and story of the show is driven by those relationships. The personality types of fighters are also far more greatly varied than last Season’s, as this time they come from all over the world and from vastly different backgrounds.

Al Batal’s mission is to raise the level of MMA in the region; and this was the driving force behind the choice of fighters, coaches and the new format of the show.

Emad Hayan about dealing with the fighters:

Just like any other industry frontier, there were definitely ups and downs and we continue to learn from our interactions with fighters; but overall it was a pleasure & memorable experience hosting and working with them. It does vary fighter to fighter though; some fighters have the business sense to really get ahead in the industry and usually this shows in their devotion to training and skills.

About iSee Entertainment and Events
Established in 2009 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with the wildly successful Abu Dhabi Fighting Championship (ADFC) – the Middle East’s first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion – iSee Entertainment & Events quickly built a solid reputation as a host and organizer of the UAE’s most dynamic and adrenaline-fueled events.

In recent years, and thanks to its leadership’s vision, iSee has established itself as the top event planning company in the Middle East as ADFC currently ranks fourth amongst the leading MMA promotion organizations in the world, outside of the United States.

iSee has contributed immensely to the growth and expansion of the MMA industry in the region, having triggered a tsunami of MMA awareness after launching ADFC in 2010. Indeed, through its numerous events, iSee Entertainment has created a solid platform for Arab fighters to showcase their unique skills and passion for the combat sport on a global stage.

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  • Woohoo! This sounds exciting and very promising. Great job Mr. CEO! Can’t wait for the second season of Al Batal to start airing! 🙂

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