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Groin Attacks of any Kind….Illegal

Back in the late ’90s, rule changes had made Mixed Martial Arts look somewhat civilized.


Back in the late ’90s, rule changes had made Mixed Martial Arts look somewhat civilized, and dozens of attacks/holds/gouges were deemed verboten. But regrettably, accidents still happen. And now, our latest accident occurred at Desert Force 12 were Mohamad Hassan received a kick to the Groin which the referee did not see, and was left in agony as the fight ended.

So here’s how it happened! As pictured above, Triki’s kick is a 100% illegal, yet unintentional. But that’s not how the fight ended, seconds after this kick Hassan went in for the clinch were he got caught with a guillotine choke. And at that time, his hand gestures as Triki was going for the finish were unusual as he was not directly tapping yet was surely in pain.

As the referee stepped in to break it off, BadBoy Hassan dropped to the ground holding his crotch and was unable to move for a while as he got escorted out with the help of the cage doctor and his coach.

This might not have seemed obvious as the fight was going. The referee’s job is a hard one as he must take an instant decision. So now what? Seems like this decision cost the Desert Force debutant a “Nut” and maybe a job 😀 !

Can this kind of mistakes be reviewed? And if possible, is the Jordanian MMA federation the right person to target such issues? An instant response would’ve been a good idea, yet uncertain where that stands in the Rules book.

I was present as this hit was delivered, heard a nasty sound, but didn’t see it hit the spot! Be that as it may, this pictures speaks louder than Sound ! Ouch!

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  • Well during the main event, Haidar Rasheed received a groin kick. He immediately told the referee about it. It is not Triki’s fault as the kick was unintentional the blame goes on Mohammad Hassan for not informing the referee about what happened and shooting for a take-down where he should have told the referee or at least laid on the ground. Moreover, you can’t blame the referee as he was circling the cage while it happened.

    • Yes and No Sir, I was there sitting exactly in the middle. What happened is Triki did the illegal kick, Hassan immediately shoots for the takedown. Triki catches him in a standing guilatin choke then Hassan informs the ref that he can’t continue.

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