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Palestinian Ramsey Nijem Slams Lahat After Annoucement

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As all the world’s senses turn towards Gaza, as people protest against the sheer use of violence, as celebrities and athletes take a stand and call for peace, UFC fighter Noad Lahat dedicated his last fight to peace and put his career on hold to engage in war by the side of the Israeli army.

You can’t achieve peace without being ready for war,” said Lahat to . If people are attacking you and they’re not going to stop until you’ re dead, then you have to go and fight. There’s no other way.

The MMA world reacts in shock: Lahat’s move is criticized by some as a publicity stunt, used to boost a career that wasn’t bright enough. But for many, this move (ergo this fighter) has no place in UFC anymore: UFC should be used as a peace platform, a place where fighters embrace positive attitude and promote diversity and respect. UFC is definitely not a platform to promote war crimes and to tarnish the image of a whole nation.

Palestinian – American Ramsey Nijem was surely not content with Lahat’s announcement after his fight as he shares his thoughts with today.

I think Noad Lahat knows he doesn’t belong in the UFC. He is 1-1 with a bulls**t win in his home town. He used the whole army thing as a way to make himself relevant because his fighting wouldn’t. He can’t handle a fair fight. If he really wanted to make a difference he would have used his platform to promote peace instead of painting a picture of the evil Palestinians he has to stop.

With this latest news, the most important question remains hanging! Will fighters start mixing sports and politics or will UFC officials put an end to this and make another example out of Lahat ?

Stay tuned for the latest updates and Arab MMA news.

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  • Ramzy Nejem we are proud of you , and I wish you play against that zionist and kick his ass .. Viva Palestine !!

    • And now you are using the “fault” as the whole article was about. Smart! Seems like you don’t get the article ar all that fighting and politics shouldn’t be mixed!

  • Maybe instead of this horrible war, we should put a match between Ramsy Nijem vs. Nohad Lahat?
    I put my money on Lahat with a submission on round 2

    • In this case, Lahat on round one after 20 sec… 🙂
      BTW, for number one, what is Palestine? Is it an animal?

      • No, Palestine is not an animal. It’s a colony of animals. Like a jungle, just more evil, manipulative and more savage too.

  • First of all, Lahat was asked about this, he did not come forward with it.
    Second, I suggest this piece of C*** and S***t arab keep his mouth shut. As an Arab, he has no right to talk about peace, as it’s his religion that generates all the evil an terror in the world.
    No country in the world will rest and do nothing when it’s attacked, so eat ***

    • Yes, of course we all know the Jews follow the true religion of peace. Just look at Gaza. They have only killed 700 women and children in the past 3 weeks. So much restraint.

  • As an arab living in Europe I must say that the zionists are right this time. There is no chance that any other nation in the world would accept missiles being shot at her civilians and do nothing. We as arab must stop cry and give money to an organization that steal it we must use the Arab league to make this conflict end once and for all. after all, the most of the arabs and zionists in the world want peace.

    • As a fellow arab living in France, i must agree with you Monir.
      my arab brothers left their failed countries to escape misery and reach free western countries.
      and what do they do? they turn those good hosting countries to the same pile of shit they came from.
      the palestinians are work immigrants, we all know it.
      they are all Egyptians saudis,yemenis .
      they went to israel during the british mandate to look for work.
      the british mandate was made to restore israeli land to the jews.
      so let them have their own country, we have our own 22.
      we can all live together.

      • what a racist to hv a country based on races,
        do u like an idea of caucasian “granted” land..
        so every caucasian could diaspora & move there…

        • When a “race” is not accepted in his “home” country, he need to have a place to go so he would feel safe.

          I would expect the same for every other group of people (“race”) to have the same solution.

      • Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity. I am glad to see that some people can see clearly in-spite of the hate that is out there from the arab world

  • @Achin@james@mike
    Im sure ur dumb headed ignorant sons of b***tches or may be one b***tch dont know f**kall about the whole conflict … Israhell was founded by terrorism go learn to read first .. Not just watch the zionist media and being brainwashed by it…Islam brought the world to civilization… We have to respect other religions to be Muslims … As for Lahat i wish u go fight in gaza and get shot in the head … The world doesnt need another stupid ignorant person like u

  • Israel / 50 killers most if them army men
    Palestin / over 1000 killers most of them are womens and childrens
    So how is the real terrorest

    • This ratio is telling nothing. Hamas is shooting from civilians areas such as unrwa schools, hospitals and all of his leaders sitting under the Shifa hospital in gaza and thats the reason there are so many childrens that get killed. It’s not a new tactic that hamas created, terror organizations from all around the world using this tactic, al quaida, hezbollah, taliban etc’
      I wonder what would you say about the massacre in iraq and syrria. Does israel has the respobsebillity for this too ? just to let you know in one week in syria more civilians get killed than in 10 years in gaza.

      • so I summarized what u said..
        imagine a robbery happened at bank..
        bank worker(civilian) shot dead..

        so we should not blamed the robber for shooting dead the bank worker because it the worker(civilian) fault to hang around their target in this case money(hamas)


  • Oh israeli Fighters are just the best. Like Mori Horenstein. Hahahahahahahahahah
    Nose lahat will hopefully die in Palestine, or then just get pumped full o steel at some other place. Every zionist will die, they only survive because they hide in Palestine . They only dare fighting People that has no army, no defense. Every israeli is a dirty brainwashed cunt.

  • Sure piece is something everyone in the world loves and seeks, except that in the Palestinian israel conflict its not happening any time soon or later, and that’s simply because what Muslims and jews scripts said.
    The only piece that gonna happen is after one part is completely wiped out. Lets be more frank and admit this. Now what Christians and jews believe from their own scriptures is that Muslims are the one who will lose this war. And Muslims believe the other way, You know what only the days will reveal to us who will win this conflict.

  • I need someone who is so smart and good in math to explain to me this equation that I never understood.
    (One) who doesn’t own gives (two) who doesn’t deserve (three) who is the victim. Is it clear to you guys.
    Lets do it Again: (one) Britain who doesn’t own Palestine, gave (two) the European jews who never been in Palestine, therefore they don’t deserve. (three) the land of Palestinians who are the victims.
    Is it clear now? I need someone to explain it to me in modest without involving fowl language.

    • Before writing non-sense comments go to history books and even to the quran.
      Has ever been in the history country called “Palestine” ? and i mean not a piece of land that got it name from the britians but a country with a governer / halif / something else ? who lived there ? who gave them independency ? what was the currency there ?
      so you havent find answers for my questions ? well fine, go to the quran, the holy book for all the muslims around the world. open it in surah 5 aya 21 and read that muhamad is saying that the holy land is devoted to the jews, and do you know why ? because even when the quran was written 1500~ years ago it was well known that the jews lived here and that they own the holy land.
      Most of the Israelies want to live side by side in the holy land with the palestinies, two countries for two nations, the only problem is that the palestinies keep choosing the groups that promise them to fight till death till all of this county will be islamic.
      As you see while israel keep rising, unfortanetly the palestinies (and allmost all the rest of the arab world) is going down and kill each other, sunaa vs shiaa, and therefore israel is not the problem.

      • I am much much more educated than you imagine. I wish we could meet in an open forum to discuss these issues thoroughly.
        The verse you referred to, no Muslim denies the existence of the Jews and their right to live there. As a matter of fact these Jews who lived with the Palestinians are still to this day hoping the safety of the Palestinians, and because of that they are oppressed by their own, the invading jews
        If you read my point well you will see that I said: (the European jews who never been in Palestine), those the one has no right in the land of Palestine, but obviously you didn’t do your homework. so learn before you comment.
        I will leave you with one question, please research it if you like to be educated in the issue.
        The Jews has lived for a decade under the ruling of Christians and still do, and has lived for a decade under the ruling of Muslims and still do.
        Now my friend, where were the Jews lived more fare and safe ?!!!
        Dare you to answer.

        • Husam,

          Which period do you refer to when you say:

          The Jews has lived for a decade under the ruling of Christians and still do, and has lived for a decade under the ruling of Muslims and still do.

          btw – there are no to “types” of jews. Most were forcefully expelled. At some point they returned to their home.

          Frankly, I wish there was a way to make peace instead of debating history.
          No child, from either side, would profit from a historical debate. All would profit from peace.
          Alas, the human race doesn’t seem to work this way.


          • My friend j
            Yes I wish there was a way to make peace instead of debating history.
            However what I meant to say in my question is: throwout history, the jews who lived under the Islamic ruling till our current time, they never been slaughtered, expelled from their lands, confiscate their lands, discriminated against, or oppressed in any way, and I am talking up till now like in Iraq, in Iran, In Yaman, in Egypt, etc.
            where as under Christian ruling, the jews has faced all of the above.
            Not too long ago my friend, the jews where not welcome in all Europe or America. Remember kkk and remember the sign (no blacks and colored, (referring to jews) ).
            What is it that I mean with this analogy that probably got you some headache?
            Muslims are the most tolerant to differences and the easiest to live a long with others.
            Yes my friend, I wish the day comes when we zip it and live together in peace and harmony, but with jews way of arrogance, I can’t see it’s happening any time soon.

        • Husam,
          Don’t get into a discussion in an open forum you will only further disgrace us by talking nonsense.

  • Who is the terrorist?
    Islam brought the world into civilization? Are you F***ing kidding me?
    How can you say that and expect that people will take your comment seriously?
    The Islamic culture is far from civilized… where women have no rights, where people are stoned for being gay or any other lack of “civil rights”…

    You really don’t understand the numbers Mr Ali.. why do you think the numbers are so horrific for the Palestinian side? Because Israel uses a large amount of its money to build missiles that protect their civilians (aka iron dome) and Hamas use most of their money to buy rockets to launch into Israel and build terror tunnels to kill and kidnap Israelis…
    I got nothing against Arabs… I don’t have any problem against Muslims in general.. I only have a problem with people that want me (or any other human being for that matter) dead just because my religion / skin color / beliefs..

    If you think Israel is to blame, ask yourself this simple question, imagine you were standing, and behind you all you kids, family and loved ones.. and imagine that another human being is standing 100 meters from you with a rocket launcher sorrounded with little kids and women.. ànd you know that that man is going to fire at you and you family, and that there is no talking with this man, all he wants is to kill you and all those around you for whatever crazy reason he might have.. what would you do? Would you stand and do nothing while he keeps firing at you killing whoever he hits? Or would you shoot him down.. while trying to minimize the casualties around that man? (You have to accept that there will be casualties.. this man is hiding behind them)

  • To the stupid motherfuckers on here talking all this bullshit about palestine are u fucking brain dead??? Like first of all learn some english before you type and second of all Ramsey would fuck up lahat in seconds! Whats happening in palestine is a genocide u stupid fucking cunts! Open ur fucking eyes for once! Islam is the most peaceful religion out there and those jewish scumbags shooting up families every fucken day dont deserve to see the light of day! Fuck isreal fuck the stupid motherfuckers commenting on this article and I hope u all just drop dead the world would be a better place! Thank You #isupportpalestine

    • Yes islam is the most peaceful religion in the world as seen in iraq, lybia syria, nigeria, lebanon and every other place where muslims lives …

      • “islam is the most peaceful religion out there”

        That sums the guys out..

  • @Omer
    Again a dumb ignorant person trying to prove his dumbness by lashing out … Yes Islam brought the world to civilization go check the books and then come and try to think smart (on the note u cant blame a religion for the mistake of its followers otherwise u have to say that judism calls for the killing of all other religions and that christianity for being peodophiles!!!!) … Muslims, Jews and Christians have livird peacefully in Palestine and Muslim world for thousands of years … The war in Palestine is not against jews its against zionism against israhell … And another side note didnt israhell kill palestinians before hamas and other factions were formed??? And all Palestinian fighters and people are fighting from the most dense area in the world oh yeah now ull say its their fault
    Go wallow in ur dumbness !!!!!

    • Muslims and jews lived peacfully in israel for thousnds of years like the arabs lives peacefully in other arab countries in the middle east and not killing each other ?
      just take a look what muslims are doing to other muslims, i dont want to think what they will do to the christians and jews if they could …

    • Islam brought the world to civalization, you are a funny man my friend. The whole world is fighting Islamic terrorism. The world is not fighting Jewish terrorists, Christian terrorists, Buddhists terrorists, Hindu terrorists.

      The Islamic world did not hold protests all around the world when Americans died in the WOrld trade center bombing. But protests are being held all around the world when Palestians die. Muslims would not protest the killing of mankind if Israelies were dying. Deep inside they would be happy and you know it

  • VERY SAD to see all the above comments. All your behavior above is what the Zionists & Islamic fanatics want to happen, Arabs & Jews fighting. Thats not the solution. Solution to all this is reasoning, give & take. Everybody has a book in their religion they believe in, everybody interprets those books in their own way. That land you guys are fighting over can belong to both sides, Palestine & Israel. Theres enough land for both sides to share & split equally.

  • Mike tell me again which religion is terrorism?
    I mean if you put an action of one person like acloake on the religion, the think about what hitler did…think about the romans…islam is a religion of peace, which had everything but was taken by others… By force

    • Humanity has progressed and most religions stopped killing over religion. Muslims still to this day kill in the name of religion. It is not the muslim people’s fault. Islam promotes violence. The Islamic world has brain washed people who support palestime. Almost every muslim in the world deep down in his heart is happy when an Israeli dies. If Islam was a religion of peace the capital of Islam (Saudi Arabia) would have Christian Churches, Hindu temples, Seek temples, Buddhist temples. Most Islamic countries do not give people of other faiths the right to practicee their religion freely and openly.

      You are misinformed or brainwashed if you think Islam is a religion of peace.

    • Sayfullah, you are mistaken if you say Islam is a religion of peace. Dig deeper and you will find out. Most of us around the world are ready to fight and react violently for the slightest things that do not agree with Islamic beliefs. It is not fair
      Any small thing happens around the world and most Muslims around the world are involved directly or indirectly, You know it’s a fact. It has been proven over and over again. I have travelled a lot and to a lot of Islamic countries as well. Other faiths cannot be practised and preached freely and openly in Islamic countries. What happened by force is spread of Islam.

  • James zues mike hisham monir your all the same ignorant pieces of Swine Shit zionists
    As for you hisham and monir you should be ashamed of yourselves as you dont evem know the history of Palestine infact all you know is how to eat SHIT…..women n children are being killed by scum if all scum and your making excuses………you will soon get to know who belongs where.

    • Sayeed, Why did you pick on the Swine shit out of all the animals. Why not cat shit or crow shit. LOL. It is really sad women and children are being killed, but I bet it would not matter to you if those women and children were Israelis…

  • Hamas using their civilians as shields. Lol you have to be kidding me unless the civilians are bomb shelters or bomb proof they can’t use em 500 tons of bombs have been dropped. For those who don’t know there will never be peace. When there is peace that means judgement day is near! #supportgaza

  • @omir you said you are against anyone who doesn’t like you for your race color and religion. You my man are dumber than a box of rocks. First off if you knew Israel it started by saying they were performing ethnic cleansing(so basically anyone of a different race/religion). If you support the terrorists in this war which ARE THE ISRAELIS GOD has something in store for you

    • first – it’s a lie you wont be able to prove what you say.
      israel never said they want to kill palastinian’s-never! and u will find no video of israely leaders saying such words against palastinians – there is even a law in israel saying u cant tell such things against a certen race/religion in public.
      if u think otherwise u won’t be able to prove it.

      more then that,
      when the new’s publish about an attack that israel commited they say most of the dead are citizens – not all of them.
      if u will assume that 90(maybe more maybe less – i don’t know) precent of the pepole kiiled in the israeli bombing were citizens it’s means 10 precent were terrorists that fought to try to destroy israel.

      israel only want to defend her self and that easy to understand.

      assume the terrorists said one day – “we fight no more and lay down their weapons” – then peace would happpen and the middle east pepole would coexist. but if israel would say one day – “we fight no more” – then the jewish pepole in israel would be killed and exterminated.

      thesefor it easy to see israel isn’t the bad guy or the arabs – but the terrorists that live among the arabs.

    • You seem to be one of the people who are brainwashed by the propoganda of the Islamic world. In the so called holy book “the quran” there is no place for anyone else in this world except for muslims. Others have to be killed, forced to convert to Islam or live as slaves under mujslims. Don’t talk about ethnic cleansing.

      The population of Israel is around 6 million and the arab muslim population in Israel is around 1.6 million. In several areas the palistian supporters had demonstrations in Israel and none of they were harmed. Do you think any minority group in any Islamic country can have a peaceful demonstration supporting Israel. You know the answer is no, they will be killed or harmed.

  • You can tell who the idiot arabs are here by what they are saying and you can tell who the smart Arabs are by what they are saying.

  • Israeli pigs will never learn, their propaganda machine is failing and they are failing in humanity. STOP ISRAELI RACISM NOT ONLY AGAINST ARABS BUT AGAINST everyone sleeping, & buyung their bull $ hit

    • Israelis are very peaceful people. But it is time for them to stand up for themselves. The Jews have only one country that they can really call home, they deserve to have a country of their own. They need to defend their people and in order to do so they have to wage war if they are provoked. They have to destroy the tunnels and in doing so people are unfortunately dieing.

      I am sure the Islamic world would not be crying for humanity if Israelies were dying and that is a fact.

  • “You can’t achieve peace without being ready for war,” said Lahat to . If people are attacking you and they’re not going to stop until you’ re dead, then you have to go and fight. There’s no other way. ”

    Exactly. So when Hamas bluntly state they want the Jews dead then Israel has got to go and fight! There’s “no other way” !

    • one qustion to all who support hamas in the conflict
      if israel is the aggresor and the killer – why israel is the one that agreed for ceasefire while hamas didn’t?

  • Fact: Israel is paying students to post propaganda on social media. Be wary of comments posing to be Arabs blatantly taking on Pro-Israel sides and condemning Gaza. With a PR campaign like that of the Israelis, no wonder the US is brainwashed into shelling billions of dollars into a conflict they have understand little about.

  • Islam is not a peaceful religion my friend, I am from India. We have Hindus, Christians, Bubbhist, Seek, Zoroastrianis, Jains and many others living in India. Everyone lives peacefully. But all have problems with the Muslims. In every area and community where their numbers increase their violent tacticks and bullying begins. They are also involved in the highest crime rate.

    I fell bad about the death of any human beings including Palestinians. But don’t try to portray Islam as a peaceful religion. The people are nice but they have been brainwashed by the teachings of Islamic world. In almost every country that is predominantly muslim, there is difficulty practising other religions. Violence is conducted in the name of religion. The Quran makes references to resort to violence on several occasions.

  • On the contrary, the Islamic world is brainwashed and the Islamic world is trying to brainwash Americians and people of other countries. Yes, it is sad that Palistians are dying. Israel is trying their best not to kill civilians, they fire warning shots, they air drop fliers and have engaged in other activities to try and evacuate civilians. Humas is trying to gain the worlds support by using civilians as human shields. Hamas is just fiering rockets indiscriminately trying to kill any Jew whether it be a soldier, civilian or child. If not for the defence system there would be a lot more deaths in Israel.

  • I apologize for my previous comment when I said “all have problems with Muslims” it is actually the reverse, Muslims have a problem with anyone who is non-muslim.

  • Nijem just got released by the UFC.

    Ramsey can finally find the time to step up, go to Israel, and defend his “palestinian” brothers, like Noad Lahat did with the IDF during Operation Protective Edge. *grabs popcorn*

    Put your money where your mouth is, Ramsey!

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