Sami Amin Vs Fransino Tirta Set For ONE FC Co-Main Event


Featuring a flyweight headliner between Adriano Moraes (10-1) and Kosuke Suzuki (10-3-2), “ONE FC 17: Era of Champions” takes place June 14 at Jakarta’s Mata Elang International Stadium. In the co-main event, Indonesia’s best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist returns after a near three-year absence with Fransino Tirta (15-0-1) set to take on Egyptian Sami Amin (4-1).

Since making his professional mixed martial arts debut in 2003, Fransino Tirta has hoarded an almost flawless 15-0-1 record. Tirta is a multiple-division winner in grappling, and has beaten world-class competition in sanshou, boxing and combat sambo. His well-roundedness is legendary having started training 12 years ago in Japanese Jiu-jitsu and adding wrestling, boxing, sanshou and grappling into his arsenal. This June, Tirta is set to proudly represent his homeland on a global stage of MMA as he faces Egyptian mixed martial artist Sami Amin.

Egyptian Sami Amin also makes his ONE FC debut. He’s earned victory in four of his first five professional fights, and three of those wins have come by knockout. Sami Amin looks like one of the most promising MMA talents to come from Egypt. Winning this fight against Tirta will further his case as an exciting mixed martial artist and move him one step closer to a future title opportunity.

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  • I just love how ETT tries to get their fighters a safe fight. This time pitting someone who had 5 MMA Amateur matches against someone who is 15-0. Bravo ETT maybe when u loose a fighter you will stop doing this.

  • I agree… What is wrong with ETT?! Do they not want to win a fight again maybe?! This is bullshit and bad for image of arabs

  • Guys come on… Was there ever any doubt? ETT is a sorry excuse of a MMA club who are more interested in accepting any fights, completely disregarding their fighters capabilities, in order to be able to fly around the world for free and go on “tourism”… Seriously!?!?!?! I mean look at their record

    Sami Amin- lost round 1
    Mahmoud Salama – lost round 1
    Aya Saeid – lost round 3
    Mohammad Abdulkareem Hulk – Lost round 1
    Mohammad Hassan – Lost round 1
    Mohammad Abdulkareem Hulk – Lost round 3
    Amr Wahmann – Lost round 1
    Mohammad Abdulkareem Hulk – Lost round 3
    Mahmoud Hassan – lost round 1
    Mahmoud Hassan – Lost another round 1
    Mohammad Abdulkareem Hulk – Lost round 3
    Mahmoud Salama – lost round 2

    This is a fight team that doesnt give a shit about their fighters. They took Abdulkareem Hulk a short notice kickboxing match in ROmania against a world beater two weeks before he was supposed to face Jarjis Danho. Are you kidding me?! Come on I mean how serious of a fight team are they then. This is a shitty organization and I can only wonder when their fighters will wake up and leave them

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