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Chahe Yerevanian on Mixed Martial Arts Festival


“This show will be like a live movie of the historical martial arts revolution. Something truly Amazing”

Building skyscrapers, redefining Lebanon’s skyline, and sculpturing Beirut’s horizon has not stopped SAYFCO from setting the foundation of the Martial Arts community in Lebanon. A major sponsor for yet another Martial Arts event, this time a two day Martial Arts Festival, is the first of its kind in the entire Middle East. Organized in Lebanon on the 25th and 26th of September, Sayfco met with ArabsMMA to discuss his involvement and excitement.

The show is spread over two days and features champions and performers of various martial arts disciplines such as Shaolin, Aikido, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Wushu, MuayThai, Jiu Jitsu, and the opening show by our very own little Lebanese Muay Thai Champion Ramadan Ondash . Spearheaded by Chahe Yerevanian, who previously sponsored a $1 million prize to the best Lebanese fighters in the Desert Force Beirut event, Sayfco Holding stands as a main sponsor of bringing this huge festival to the Middle East.

SAYFCO: A Bulletproof Plan
Yerevanian met with the organizer Sensei Toufic Kawar shortly after he unveiled his plans of bringing this festival to life. Hearing about Sayfco’s tremendous contributions to martial arts, Kawar felt that it would be a great benefit to have Sayfco’s name affiliated with such a project. In a very strategic move to help spread the word about the festival, Sayfco Holding put their contacts and social media fan database at the disposal of the “Mixed Martial Arts Festival”. Sayfco owns the biggest real estate Facebook page in the world, with over 3.5 million active fans.

Yerevanian wants to reach as many people as possible through his established profession to help open up people’s eyes to Martial Arts. A long time practitioner, he understands how vital these sports can be to a person’s life, a person’s character, and a person’s life style. A Hapkido black-belt himself, trained in Kuk Sool since a young age, and a hardcore advocate of developing MMA in the region, Yerevanian is personally looking forward to all of the festivities that will be taking place on Beirut Friday September 25 and Saturday September 26 in Beirut Water Front.

Success Meets Childhood Dream: Yerevanin and Martial Arts

“…To witness the event live, has a special effect on viewers…”

The man behind Sayfco Holding is super excited to watch the show live, as this type of show has an inspirational power like no other. Inspiration and its importance for children is something he feels strongly about, and he is enthusiastic that this show has the power to do so. Through the exhibition of such great talent from champions and Masters of these sports, Chahe expects that eyes will be opened to the brilliance of the Martial Arts and all that they encompass.

“Sport is definitely the most important thing in life. Martial Arts not only benefit one’s health, but also help to craft one’s personality”.

Yerevanian doesn’t just think it will be the younger generations that head out to enjoy this festival, but will be accompanied by their parents as well. It’s something for all ages, the tiny toddlers, the teens, the young adults and the older. There are all types of exhibitions of skills and styles of fighting that are not only entertaining but educational as well.

Everyone can learn and develop by being a part of martial arts, and it is his wish that this festival sheds light on the benefits of and interest in these sports, and hopes “it plays a direct role in shifting children’s minds” into venturing into the realms of the Martial Arts community after attending this festival.

“ ‘Never quit, Never give up’ are important principles that are affirmed through the trials and tribulations of succeeding in Martial Arts, and are evident when limits are pushed way beyond physical boundaries. This will make you a strong person throughout all the challenges in life. These sports are important for our life now, in the future, and the future generations.”

A background in the martial arts, especially starting from childhood, could do wonders for all people because it helps develop character and wisdom through all that the martial arts are made of; the values of respect, of discipline, and of the mental and physical strength required to master any of them. It evolves “body and soul” to get them ready to take on all challenges in life with patience and clarity. Yerevanian believes that this could impact and be beneficial for even those future generations of leaders who will be running the country.

“Being able to spark children’s passions and development by being a part of this event, by showing them the different martial arts, is worth a billion dollars for me”.

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