“The Source” Celebrates Its First BJJ Black Belts Graduation


In a warm ceremony, attended by students and some of their families and friends, The Source MMA celebrated graduating its first BJJ black belts.

Eight years into the BJJ program in the school, four dan black belt Samy Al Jamal and black belt Tarek Kalimat awarded their first three black belts in a ceremony attended by grand master coral belt Fabricio martins costa who flew in from Rio De Janeiro to take part in this day and teach a seminar at the school.

Nasser Faouri, Ihab Janeb and Zeid Khurma, each received their new black belt among the loud cheers of their team mates who were very excited to witness this for the first time, to become The Source MMA’s first black belts.

In the same ceremony, Saad Alnasser, Omar Madanat, Yanal Shahzadah, Yazan Janeb and Abdelkareem Rasheed also received their brown belts. Creating together with the black belts a strong foundation of Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and instructors at the school.

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